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Freeze Away the Double Chin

CoolMini is a non-surgical fat-freezing treatment that can help turn an unflattering double chin into a beautiful frame for the face. With no surgery or downtime, the CoolMini treatment by CoolSculpting® is a popular treatment at Dr. Hernandez’s San Antonio cosmetic practice.

How Can CoolMini Help You?

Shrinking a double chin is a problem that can’t always be easily solved by just eating right or even jogging every day. For many people, the face is one of the last places from which they are able to lose fat—even once they’ve reached a stable weight and are happy with their overall size, a persistent double chin can still give them the appearance of being overweight or out-of-shape.

CoolMini solves this problem with ease, offering a non-surgical answer to the problem so you don’t have to miss any time from your otherwise busy schedule. With each CoolMini session, the problem fat will gradually freeze away, leaving you with the slimmer facial profile you desire.

How Does CoolMini Work?

CoolMini is an extension of the CoolSculpting procedure that has been specially designed to treat smaller problem areas such as beneath the chin. The secret to CoolMini is cryolipolysis—a process in which a deep-cooling is administered to the underlying fat cells, causing them to freeze, crystallize, and eventually be naturally flushed from your body. The best part is that while all of this is happening to the unwanted fat, the surrounding skin and tissue is left unharmed, making for quick treatments and no downtime.

What Happens After CoolMini?

What sets CoolMini apart from other double chin treatments is that it is completely non-invasive—no needles, no incisions. A CoolMini treatment with Dr. Hernandez normally takes just under an hour to perform and you will be able to get right back to your day with no more than some minor soreness.

Dr. Hernandez will work together with you to create a customized CoolMini treatment plan that will help achieve your unique goals. She may recommend a series of multiple CoolMini sessions for the the best possible outcome, but many begin noticing the results just 1-2 months after their initial session. As the frozen fat cells continue to be flushed from your system, you will notice your chin begin to take on a slimmer, well-shaped profile.

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