Elizabeth Hernandez Cardona, MD

San Antonio, TX Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez is dedicated to creating her patients’ best version of themselves. With her experience, artistry, and careful attention to detail, she is able to refine the breasts, body and/or face to achieve the most beautiful, natural results, so her patients can feel confident and ready to take on the world. Her easy manner, honesty, and openness break down barriers and allow her to meet patients’ expectations time and time again. Dr. Hernandez developed a passion for life and learning at an early age and always worked hard to achieve her goals. Years ago, she overcame a life-threatening illness. That profound experience caused Dr. Hernandez to value life even more and inspired her to help make everyone’s lives more fulfilling.

“I help patients get back to where they were–so they can live their lives with confidence.”

Dr. Hernandez’s zest for life and appreciation for family, health, and happiness became the foundation of her practice. She sees cosmetic surgery as a way for men and women to truly enrich their lives and enjoy every minute of it by feeling more positive about themselves. “We only have one life,” says Dr. Hernandez; “I want my patients to look and feel beautiful during their lives.”

Rooted in Texas, Serving Her Community

Dr. Hernandez was born and has lived her entire life in Texas. She moved to San Antonio after graduating from high school and loves living in a city with such a rich culture. She is very excited to be back after being away for ten years of educational study and training to serve the San Antonio community and the surrounding neighborhoods. Dr. Hernandez is proud of her Mexican heritage and speaks fluent Spanish. She married her junior high school sweetheart at age 22, has three children and enjoys a wonderful family life.

During the time she was in medical school, she worked as a neonatal ICU nurse. Though she enjoyed caring for premature babies, she always felt there would be something more in the future that she would be able to do for her patients. This is where she learned that excellent patient care depends on open communication and understanding.

Hobbies Interests

Dr. Hernandez is very creative, has an artistic eye, and loves art. One of her lifelong hobbies is sketching with charcoal pencils. She has sketches of human anatomy (vascular system, heart, brain, etc.) that she did when she was only ten years old. Sometimes during her consultations, Dr. Hernandez uses sketches to help explain things to patients–especially when she’s reviewing anatomy and when she’s planning surgical procedures/interventions. Her artistic and creative approach to cosmetic surgery helps explain how Dr. Hernandez is able to achieve gorgeous outcomes that look natural– yet stunning– and that are specifically developed for each individual patient.