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9 things to know if you’re considering Dermal Fillers

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June 30, 2022


Dermal fillers are wildly popular because they can do wonderful things to help you maintain a youthful appearance or even turn back the clock. Other than Botox and similar neurotoxin injections, fillers are the most-requested minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments — almost 3 million a year.

But just because “everybody’s doing it” does not mean you should get dermal fillers without considering a few facts first. After all, fillers are minimally invasive — a product that is injected underneath your skin, in some cases into muscle.

Considerations for Dermal Fillers

  1. Various types of dermal fillers can add volume below the skin’s surface, which effectively fills in and smooths fine lines and deeper wrinkles. Fillers can also re-plump the lips and facial contours such as the cheeks.
  2. Thanks to medical advancements, there are now numerous dermal fillers available, many designed to address very specific areas. For instance some fillers are meant for lips, whereas others may be more appropriate for the deep smile lines or crow’s feet. Some filler material is entirely natural (fat from your own body), but most products are made from at least some synthetic ingredients. Fat transfer can be performed to add volume to the forehead, under the eyes, the cheeks and lips.
  3. Hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient in many of the most popular fillers. This is a sugar that is produced naturally by the body, and its primary role is moisture retention. As we age, hyaluronic acid production slows, which is one reason our skin loses moisture and volume.
  4. Although almost everyone is a good candidate for dermal fillers, some individuals are allergic to the hyaluronic acid used in some fillers. If that’s you, only other types of products will be safe for you. (This is something you should discuss with Dr. Hernandez.)
  5. Fillers are safe, but there are some risks associated with any injection. The most common risks are temporary bruising and/or swelling at the injection site(s).
  6. Safety and results depend on your provider. Just because almost “everybody” seems to offer dermal fillers does not mean you should let just anyone do your injections. It takes training and experience to know precisely where and exactly how much filler to use for each patient. Otherwise, risks increase for poor results, negative side effects, or even permanent damage. At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, you can be confident you’re getting the care you deserve.
  7. Dermal fillers are a temporary solution. Virtually all fillers are composed of ingredients that are slowly absorbed by the body. This process may take three months or it might take more than five years, depending on the specific product, but ultimately you will need repeat treatments to maintain your more youthful look. That said, there are now one or two products available that can last up to five years. You may choose to have more or less filler for your next treatment, so you can adjust as you age. But ongoing maintenance requires ongoing cost.
  8. Dermal fillers are excellent companions for other cosmetic enhancement treatments, from Botox to various “lift” procedures.
  9. It takes an experienced professional eye to help determine which dermal filler(s) will be most appropriate and effective for your face and desired results. This is why a personal consultation is so important.

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