Natural Enhancements for the Breasts

Dr. Hernandez believes that a great breast augmentation is not simply about increasing the size of the breasts, but about enhancing the natural curves of a woman’s body to accentuate her feminine silhouette and restore self-confidence. As a highly personalized cosmetic procedure, breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures Dr. Hernandez performs at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio.


How Can Breast Implants Help You?

Women come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, each with her own unique figure. This is why Dr. Hernandez approaches breast augmentation enhancement in a completely individualized manner– working together with her patients to design a custom tailored plan based on your specific goals and body. She strives to provide women with outcomes that enhance the look of their breasts without ever looking fake or unnatural.
Saline or Silicone breast implants are used for a variety of reasons: from restoring volume to the breasts after pregnancy or due to the effects of aging, to increasing the shape and size of naturally small breasts, and to correcting problems with breast asymmetry. What women often love about breast augmentation at Dr. Hernandez’s state-of-the-art San Antonio surgery centery is just how customizable their surgery can be.
During your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Hernandez, she will go over the pros and cons of different options you will have for your breast augmentation. These options include:

  • Implant type: Silicone gel or saline
  • Implant shape and profile
  • Implant placement: Submuscular or subglandular
  • Incision location

The best choices for you will depend on your desired outcome and existing physique.


How Does Breast Augmentation Work?

The specific steps of your breast augmentation with Dr. Hernandez may vary based on what is discussed during your consultation.
During breast augmentation surgery, the incision is normally made in the crease below the breast. From there, the implant can be inserted into a pocket, created either above or below the pectoral muscle. Silicone implants are placed pre-filled, whereas saline implants are filled after being placed within the breast. Dr. Hernandez will ensure your breast implants are properly located in order to achieve your desired outcome. Once the procedure is completed, your incisions are closed and surgical dressings are applied.


What Happens After My Breast Augmentation?

Each woman will experience a slightly different recovery period after her breast augmentation. Some bruising and swelling is to be expected, but these will gradually fade as your skin heals. Most women are able to return to work within a week after their surgery. Dr. Hernandez will provide you with detailed care instructions and timelines for getting back to exercise and sexual activity.
While you will notice an immediate change in the look of your breasts, it will take about three months for your implants to settle into their final position. Once fully healed, you will notice a well-shaped, youthful appearance of your breasts. Dr. Hernandez’s artistic and personalized approach to breast augmentation allows her to provide patients with some of the most beautiful and natural-looking results.