How Does A Breast Lift Work?

A breast lift (mastopexy) procedure is tailored towards women that have sagging or drooping breasts and want to improve the contour of their breasts. Usually, this may be a result from pregnancies, weight loss and aging. In such cases, the skin of the breast has stretched out over time, allowing the breast tissue to drop due to gravity. There may also be an associated loss of breast volume associated with the sagging breast. In this case, an implant may be placed to restore this volume to give better cleavage and fullness in the upper half of the breast. The surgery is performed by designing incisions around the areolas in a donut fashion or lifting the breast tissue with vertical or inverted-T incisions. Breast tissue can also be removed at the time of the breast lift to reduce the size of the breast. Ultimately, a breast lift will rejuvenate the breast and restore its youthful contour.