How Does A Breast Reduction Work?

As gratifying as breast augmentation is to some women, breast reduction can be just as satisfying at the opposite end of the spectrum. Large breasts can cause problems in many aspects of a woman’s life. When they are larger than the usual standards of attractiveness in our society, the breasts are considered aesthetically displeasing. A full-breasted woman may appear heavier than she really is and she may have difficulty obtaining stylish clothing. In some cases, it may even be difficult to find a properly fitting bra. Often, women with large breasts feel very self-conscious. Teenagers may not develop proper poise and posture as they try to hide the fullness of their breasts, a subject they are unlikely to discuss freely with their parents. The actual weight and bulk of the breasts often causes physical problems and symptoms that compound the feeling of unattractiveness. There can be a feeling of uncomfortable fullness, neck or back pain, and shoulder grooving. These symptoms may contribute to limited performance in certain occupations and in sports. Finally, large breasts can also be difficult to assess for lumps or masses, thus making cancer detection much more difficult for the patient or for her physician. This may well be a source of further anxiety in a patient who is already embarrassed about her condition. Because of these medical problems, in some cases, medical insurance will cover the cost of breast reduction. The goal of breast reduction, also called reduction mammoplasty, is to reduce, re-contour, elevate and reshape the breasts. The breasts are made smaller. The nipple-areola complex is repositioned upward, and if indicated, reduced in size. Excess skin and breast tissue is removed from the lower and lateral portion of the breast. A preoperative plan is made which allows both the surgeon and the patient to share in the decision as to the proposed general size of the breast after surgery. Healing results in some progressive change in breast size, at first making the breast seem fuller and larger due to swelling, and ultimately making them appear somewhat smaller. Breast reduction improves appearance and relieves symptoms.