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Can Kybella Really Get Rid of a Double Chin?

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June 30, 2022

Are you developing a double chin? Uh oh. Sagging skin and accumulating fat below your chin can make you look years older or chubbier than you really are, and nobody wants that. While age and fluctuating weight can certainly contribute to double chin, in many people it is hereditary. So you can blame Grandma Sally or Abuelo Luis, but you still see the problem when you look in the mirror. You’ve heard Kybella Injections get rid of the double chin. Do they really work?

Here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we do offer Kybella Injections, but this treatment comes with some negatives. Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez explains that while “Kybella melts some fat and may slightly tighten skin, it will more than likely require a series of treatments.” What’s more – and a serious consideration for many of our patients – unlike most injectables such as Botox or dermal fillers, Kybella Injections are quite painful.

Dr. Hernandez Recommends Renuvion Instead

Renuvion J-Plasma treatment does more than melt double chin fat, she says. It will provide 60% skin tightening in just one session. This is a unique treatment that combines radiofrequency energy and helium gas to contract the fibrous network of tissue below the skin’s surface. It is significantly more effective than other skin tightening treatments.

Renuvion is not an injectable, though it is an in-office treatment. It is minimally invasive, in that Dr. Hernandez will make a few tiny incisions so she can gently insert the device beneath the skin. However, she uses a local anesthetic to ensure patient comfort. Treatment sessions for double chin typically take only about 15 minutes. Depending on the amount of fat to be removed, she may use VASER liposuction along with Renuvion, which can add a few minutes to overall treatment time but produce even better contouring results.

Dr. Hernandez typically performs Renuvion on both the lower face and neck, so she can contour the jawline and improve the appearance of your profile. So with Renuvion you can get better overall results, faster, without the pain associated with Kybella Injections. You can see results immediately rather than waiting for treatment to take effect, and your skin will continue to improve over time. Downtime is just two days, and results are permanent (as long as you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle).

And, by the way, Renuvion J-Plasma treatment is not just for double chin. It is very versatile, so Dr. Hernandez recommends it for patients who want to significantly tighten skin and achieve more youthful contours virtually everywhere on your body. Renuvion is a great choice for resurfacing skin, as well.

Renuvion Does More, Doesn’t Hurt

So, you could choose Kybella Injections to help get rid of your double chin – it does work. Or you could talk to Dr. Hernandez about Renuvion treatment instead. Whatever you decide, we can help you achieve a smoother, trimmer-looking jawline and chin that looks more youthful and better defined from the front or in profile.

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