Frustratingly, no matter how fit and healthy your lifestyle, the vast majority of women suffer from cellulite. In fact, an estimated 85% of all women over the age of 20 have some cellulite! It can be extremely frustrating for those who exercise and have a healthy lifestyle to see the dimpled, lumpy appearance of cellulite on their bodies.

Dr. Hernandez is pleased to offer Cellfina® as a preferred treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite for patients in San Antonio.

What is Cellfina®?

Cellfina® is the only FDA-cleared, one-time procedure clinically proven to improve the appearance of dimple-type cellulite in the thighs and buttocks for at least three years. Cellfina® uses a scientifically-proven approach, together with innovative technology, to produce incredible results.

Dr. Hernandez has treated many thrilled Cellfina patients at the Eterna Cosmetic Surgery office in San Antonio since the procedure received clearance from the FDA in 2015.

Who is an ideal candidate for treatment with Cellfina®?

Patients who live a healthy lifestyle, and are looking to diminish the appearance of unsightly cellulite, are excellent candidates for Cellfina® treatment.

How does Cellfina® work?

Results from Cellfina® surpass other cellulite treatments because it treats the primary structural cause of cellulite—fibrous bands (which connect your skin to tissue underneath) that are woven throughout fat in your thighs and buttocks. The fibrous bands pull down your skin, resulting in the the puckering/dimpled appearance of cellulite.

Dr. Hernandez will identify and mark any cellulite dimples before the procedure, and after administering numbing solution, will use the Cellfina® handheld device to insert a microblade below your skin.

With precision, Dr. Hernandez will release the fibrous bands under your skin. This causes the cellulite dimples to bounce back, smoothing the appearance. According to research, just one Cellfina® treatment improved the appearance of cellulite in 98% of patients two years after they had the procedure!

How is Cellfina® different from other cellulite treatments?

Many over-the-counter creams and lotions typically work by using caffeine to dehydrate cells and make cellulite less obvious. Results are typically very minimal (if at all), and maintaining them requires applying the cream every day -- and purchasing it for life, all for very little visible benefit.

Retinol creams work by thickening the skin, also attempting to reduce the appearance of cellulite just under the skin. Unfortunately, the results from any creams and lotions are typically minimal and can be expensive and annoying to maintain every day.

To treat cellulite, Dr. Hernandez also offers BodyTite treatment, which improves the look of cellulite dimples by firming the skin and eliminating fat in the thighs. BodyTite is a powerful treatment; however, it does not completely remove cellulite. Dr. Hernandez also offers treatment with Oraser Cellulite Control cream by ZO Skin Health. This powerful, topical treatment smooths the skin by making it more firm, and results in the slightly diminished appearance of cellulite.

While these are two powerful treatments offered by Dr. Hernandez to patients at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio, they do not resolve cellulite completely, or to the powerful degree that is achieved with Cellfina®.

How many Cellfina® treatments will I need to reach my desired results?

Typically, just one (1), 45-minute Cellfina® treatment is required to significantly diminish the appearance of cellulite in patients.

How long do Cellfina® results last?

Cellfina® is an incredibly popular cellulite treatment for patients of Dr. Hernandez at the Eterna Cosmetic Surgery office in San Antonio. In particular, patients love how long their results last, improving their appearance and self confidence.

Results from Cellfina® have been clinically proven to last up to three (3) years. This is the longest-cleared FDA duration for cellulite treatment!

What can I expect after Cellfina® treatment?

Patients see fast, lasting results from Cellfina® treatment. In fact, it has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates Dr. Hernandez has seen in her San Antonio office.

Results from Cellfina® can be seen in as few as three (3) days. Research shows results of 85% patient satisfaction, 94% at one year, 96% at two years, and 93% at three years. These are astronomical results, particularly for the treatment of cellulite.

Patients may see a small amount of bruising and may have some tenderness after Cellfina® treatment; however, side effects are extremely minimal. These minor side effects may result in a very limited amount of downtime for some patients; however, many patients experience little downtime and are quickly back to their favorite activities.

Many patients are able to immediately go about their day after treatment, but Dr. Hernandez recommends patients take it easy for up to 24 hours.