Looking for an uncomplicated skin treatment to give your face a brighter, healthier look? Wishing you didn’t have to contend with those tiny hairs on your cheeks? With a dermaplaning treatment from Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, you can achieve both those goals, with subtle yet impressive results. 

In the hands of our skilled aesthetician, dermaplaning can help improve the appearance of acne scars, minimize fine lines and imperfections caused by sun damage, and revive a dull or dry complexion. And, yes, eliminate that pesky “peach fuzz.”

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

Here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez recommends this treatment for patients who specifically want to get rid of unwanted vellus hair but also want the benefits of exfoliation to renew and brighten their skin. Following a dermaplaning treatment, skin will feel soft and appear luminous. Makeup products will sit better on the skin, giving a smoother appearance. 

Who is a good candidate for dermaplaning?

This treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or who simply wants to remove unwanted facial hair. It is safe and effective for all skin types including sensitive skin, all skin tones and all genders. It is safe for pregnant women. However, dermaplaning is not suitable for severely acneic skin. 

What happens during dermaplaning?

To ensure maximum comfort, our skilled aesthetician will cleanse your skin and remove any oily residue on your skin. She then uses a disposable, sterile surgical blade held at a 45o angle to slowly and carefully scrape your skin’s surface, removing vellus hair and accumulated dead skin cells. The process can also remove surface scar tissue and other debris that can come from exposure to the weather, sun and environmental irritants. This reveals smoother, fresher looking skin.

When finished, she will apply a soothing cream to the treated area. The entire treatment takes about one hour.

Get even better results

Adding an Illuminize chemical peel, a HydraFacial or another type of facial immediately following your dermaplaning treatment can be especially beneficial. At this point, your skin is most receptive -- the chemicals used in a peel and the nutrients and moisturizers in a facial can penetrate the deeper layers for maximum benefit. 

What happens after dermaplaning?

Everyone’s face is different, so dermaplaning results vary a bit from one person to another. You may have some redness initially, but it will subside soon after the treatment. You will immediately notice that your skin looks brighter and smoother, but it will be a few days before you see the full results.  

There is no downtime required. In fact, this treatment is so convenient, some of our patients schedule a dermaplaning appointment on their lunch hour.

You may have heard the myth that vellus hair will grow back thicker after a treatment like this, but that is biologically impossible. Nonetheless, tiny hairs will grow back. So, to retain your smooth appearance without vellus hair Dr. Hernandez recommends repeat sessions. Depending on how fast your hair grows, that will typically be anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Want to know more?

The best way to learn more about dermaplaning and compare it with other potential treatments is to schedule a personal consultation. We can evaluate your skin in person, answer all your questions, and help you choose the best facial rejuvenation treatment to match the results that you are looking for.