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Does Fat Come Back After a No-Cut Tummy Tuck

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June 30, 2022


Choosing to get a tummy tuck can be an exciting decision. It might be the culmination of all the long, hard work you’ve done to lose a significant amount of weight. Or part of a mommy makeover, something (finally) just for you to help restore your pre-kids shapeliness. A tummy tuck can also help rejuvenate your abdomen as you age. However, many patients don’t really require extensive, full-on surgery to achieve desired results, so at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery we offer a very popular alternative, the No-Cut Tummy Tuck.

This non-surgical procedure eliminates the time commitment, pain, incisions, scars and cost of invasive surgical tummy tuck. Yet the results can deliver an impressive visual and confidence-building reward — smoother, tighter skin and aesthetically pleasing contours nicely balanced with the rest of your body. That’s wonderful — but will the fat return later on?

No. But . . .

A No-Cut Tummy Tuck is a one-time procedure and results are permanent, as long as you maintain a relatively stable weight. We are born with a certain amount of fat cells. Once fat cells are removed or destroyed, they are not replaced by the body. The fat cells that remain following a No-Cut Tummy Tuck will stay flat and the skin will remain tighter, which helps them age better.

Also, small weight fluctuations will not produce new fat cells. Our fat cells expand as we gain weight and shrink down with weight loss. Areas that have been treated with liposuction have a smaller amount of remaining fat cells. They can still can expand if you gain a significant amount of weight, but these areas do not expand as much as other areas of the body that have a higher volume of fat cells.

It’s Up to You

The most important thing you can do to sustain your new shape is to maintain a healthy weight. That means eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting plenty of regular exercise. You’re in complete control, and every time you look in the mirror you can feel proud of the work you’re doing to continue looking your best.

That said, you might want to do even more. For some patients. Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez also recommends skin rejuvenation treatment using radiofrequency microneedling with Morpheus8. This helps maintain smoother, tighter skin texture. As we age, skin naturally gets thinner and loses its elasticity. The fat also starts to look wavy.

Radiofrequency microneedling with Morpheus8 stimulates the body to produce more collagen and elastin, which improves both the texture and the firmness of the skin. Morpheus8 also molds (morphs) the fat immediately under the skin to produce a smoother appearance.

We’re Here to Help

You can learn more about No-Cut Tummy Tuck and Morpheus8 here on our website, but the best way to learn what treatment will be most suitable for you is to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Hernandez. That way, she can hear about your concerns and medical history, explain the options in greater detail, and – very importantly – examine your abdomen and skin. After all, everyone’s body, lifestyle and goals are different, and you want recommendations specifically tailored to you.

If you choose to undergo a No-Cut Tummy Tuck, you can rest assured your results will be permanent, as long as you maintain a stable, healthy weight.


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