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June 30, 2022

Wouldn’t it be great if your eyebrows could look perfect — and perfectly natural — without having to fiddle around with pencils and powders every day? Microblading gives you those perfect brows you’ve always wanted! And you can get it right here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery. This cosmetic enhancement procedure is popular with women of all ages because it saves time and ensures consistently perfect brows day after day.

This procedure is something like getting a tattoo, but far more delicate and precise. Instead of using a needle to implant pigment deep in the dermis, we literally draw each eyebrow hair individually, using a special “blade”  to implant the pigment in the skin. This is why microblading looks so real, whereas traditional tattooing creates an effect like a powdered brow.

We can match any hair color, including gray, and the procedure is safe and effective, for all skin types and colors.

Microblading can do a little or a lot for your brows

Whether you want bold “statement” brows or something less dramatic, microblading is all about enhancing the natural contours of your eye area. You could almost say it’s a match made in heaven, because when done properly, the results will look natural and blend in beautifully with your own brow hairs.

Do you like the shape of your brows but wish they were fuller? We can add just a few hairs or more as needed to give you that fullness.

Here’s how it works

Achieving beautiful, symmetrical results takes precision and skill. First, we take special measurements using the Golden Ratio method, a patented formula to determine the precise symmetry of the brow from its starting point to the arch to the tail end. We use a combination of an adhesive ruler, a microblading caliper, thread and free hand to determine the best shape. This ensures you get the size and shape you want and also that your eyebrows will be symmetrical.

For the procedure itself, we apply a numbing cream to the brows, then draw each hair with the microblade wand. As you might imagine, this is a time-consuming process – it can take about two hours – but the results are nothing short of impressive.

No downtime, minimal recovery

Because microblading creates cuts into the skin, healing will take at least 7-14 days. To prevent infection during this time, we advise not to submerge your face in any lakes or pools, to avoid working out (sweating on the forehead), and to avoid applying makeup on your brows.

Long-lasting results

Microblading is semi-permanent. Results last a year or two, but eventually the color will slowly fade. We usually recommend getting an “touch-up” treatment every year or so, but that really depends on each person’s preference. The need to renew the procedure offers two benefits. One, trends in makeup change over time, so the eyebrow look you love today may not be what you want later on. Also, hair color can change, too – either deliberately or with the onset of gray.

Getting a new microblading procedure enables you to make a change that matches the “new you,” in eyebrow shaping or color. In fact, there is no danger in getting this procedure more often, whenever you detect it’s time for a touch-up.

Is microblading right for you?

Your eyebrows are front-and-center visible, so choosing a knowledgeable, experienced microblading technician is crucial. At Eterna, we are experts at microblading and related brow and lash enhancement techniques.

Although this option can be an excellent option for most people, it is not ideal for those with skin conditions that make their skin excessively oily or dry. Why not schedule a personal consultation to learn if microblading can help you wake up every morning with perfect brow

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