You could go through the eye-crossing hassle of gluing on false eyelashes every time you leave the house, but why? It is so much easier – and so much more realistic looking – to take advantage of one of our professional eyelash enhancement options offered at our MedSpa at Eterna. Our licensed medical aestheticians are specially trained in the art of lashes.

Full, curved eyelashes draw attention to our eyes, helping to make our facial expressions more attractive and engaging. But not everyone is born with lush, long lashes. Instead, many of us have lashes that are noticeably short, straight and/or thin. At Eterna, we have solutions to give your eyelashes the look they deserve.


Latisse is a prescription medication that, when used continuously, helps you grow longer, fuller, thicker lashes naturally. If Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez determines that you are a good candidate for Latisse, she will provide you with a prescription so you can purchase Latisse from your pharmacy to use at home. 

You will start to see results after about 4 weeks and most dramatic results after about 16 weeks. If you stop using Latisse, your lashes gradually revert to their original appearance over a period of 4-6 weeks.

Eyelash Perms and Lifts

There are two main treatments that can be done for eyelashes to emphasize their length or accentuate their curl – lash perm and lash lift.

For a lash perm, we wind the hairs around a tiny cylindrical rod, then apply a gentle chemical solution. This option is recommended for women with long eyelashes, because adding that beautiful curl tends to make the lashes look slightly shorter. The perm is semi-permanent, with results that last for weeks.

Lash lift is recommended for women with naturally curled eyelashes. We follow the same perm procedure, but use a different-shaped device that lifts the lashes at the base. This opens the eyes and shows off the lashes.

These treatments typically take 45 minutes to one hour.

 Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Our MedSpa offers two types of customized eyelash and eyebrow tinting treatments – traditional brow tinting and henna brow tinting. The traditional treatment tints both eyebrow hair and skin and lasts for about 2 weeks. Henna brow tint penetrates the skin and hair follicles differently, allowing it to last for up to 6 weeks. The choice is purely a personal preference. Either treatment takes 30 minutes.

If you are also considering an eyelash perm or lift, we can do that first and then do lash tinting immediately afterward, during the same appointment.

 Get the brows and lashes you’ve always wanted

Eyelash enhancements not only make the most of your eyes, they can eliminate fussing around with fake lashes and cosmetics such as mascara and eyebrow color. Fabulous!