An older, saggier appearance in our faces and necks can make us look (and subsequently feel) older. Genetics, weight gain and/or loss, and other factors can impact our appearance negatively and make us feel less confident.

In the past, anesthesia, significant downtime and scarring due to a surgical face and neck lift was the only option for patients who wished to restore a more youthful appearance.

Those days are over.

Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez is proud to offer FaceTite to patients in her San Antonio office. As the first provider in San Antonio to offer FaceTite and other cutting-edge procedures, Dr. Hernandez has an in-depth understanding and unparalleled experience delivering outstanding results with this groundbreaking treatment.  

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite is a powerful alternative to a surgical face and neck lift that is that firms the skin and reduces fat without leaving behind saggy, wrinkly skin. Patients are left with surgical-like results, yet never step foot in a hospital, have no large scars, need significantly less downtime, and enjoy permanent, beautiful results.

Specifically, Dr. Hernandez can artfully use FaceTite to treat a double chin, loose jaw line, and other areas with deep wrinkles and folds or loose skin.

Who is an ideal candidate for treatment with FaceTite?

Patients in their 30s, 40s, and 50s are typically ideal candidates for FaceTite. At these ages, they are beginning to see the signs of aging; however, their skin is not significantly damaged to the point where a surgical face lift or neck lift is the only option to achieve their desired results.

FaceTite may not be a fit for those who suffer from certain skin diseases or infections, and is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, patients who suffer from some autoimmune diseases, and those who suffer from an intolerance to the local anesthetics used during treatment.  

How does FaceTite work (and how is it different than a face lift)?

A face lift requires invasive surgery and some patience during the recovery and healing process. After a face lift, there will also be a scar, though it could typically be hidden within your hairline when performed correctly. FaceTite does not require surgery and is designed to be scar-free. This non-surgical approach to facial contouring also means little to no recovery time.

With FaceTite, small needle punctures are hidden well within the folds of the skin. After patients have healed, there is no visible scarring. It’s important for patients to keep incisions clean and dry for several days following treatment to help ensure skin heals optimally.

How long do FaceTite results last?

Results from FaceTite are permanent.

What can I expect after FaceTite treatment?

Following treatment, patients notice an immediate change in the shape and firmness of the face and neck. Your skin will continue to improve progressively due to collagen production and cellular metabolism. Optimal results are typically seen within 6 to 12 weeks following treatment.

Patients may experience mild side effects like tenderness and soreness in the treatment area(s) for several days.

In most cases, patients can return home and resume normal activity within two days of their treatment. Dr. Hernandez  recommends wearing a facial compression garment to assist with the healing process and ensure optimal results.

What can I do to get even better results?

Many patients choose to combine FaceTite with Morpheus8 treatment (during the same treatment session) to amplify their results. This powerful procedure is called EmbraceRF. Outside of EmbraceRF, the only way to get such significant, impressive results is with surgery -- a lower face lift and neck lift.

In many instances, patients who are not ready for a face lift or neck lift can get significant firming and lifting of the skin and tissues in the lower face and neck with EmbraceRF.