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FaceTite vs. Liposuction: What to Know About the Best Double-Chin Treatments

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June 30, 2022

There’s no question about it – double chin makes you look older, and in many cases, heavier, than you really are. No one wants that! At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we can help you get rid of that double chin and restore a smoother, firmer jawline. You might think a double chin is more difficult to treat than other areas of the face, given its contouring. But Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez says it is technically easier to treat, because she has a flat working surface on each side once the patient is laying down with their head turned to one side.

FaceTite and liposuction are both very effective treatments for double chin, and because Dr. Hernandez is an accomplished cosmetic surgeon, she can produce natural-looking, entirely personal results using either treatment option. So what’s the difference?

Everyone Knows Liposuction Removes Fat

Double chin is really nothing more than accumulated fat, so liposuction can be a great option to restore a trimmer, more youthful jawline. Although liposuction is technically a surgical procedure, it is minimally-invasive so Dr. Hernandez can perform it in-office. She makes tiny incisions, then inserts a special cannula to separate and vacuum away unwanted fat. As she works, she deftly contours the area so the final result will be smooth.

Once fat is removed in this way, it will not return, as long as you maintain a stable weight. You may need a couple of days downtime for bruising or swelling to go away, but you’ll start to see results right away.

One potential plus with liposuction is that fat which is removed from your double chin can be transferred to some other area of your face where you may have lost volume. So you can get double the benefits from your double chin procedure.  

You May Not Be Familiar with FaceTite

This treatment option is also a proven winner, introduced to patients here in San Antonio by our own Dr. Hernandez. FaceTite is a minimally-invasive, radiofrequency-based treatment that gently melts and removes unwanted fat while smoothing remaining fat below the surface and tightening skin. Dr. Hernandez makes only tiny puncture incisions to insert the cannula, so there is minimal scarring.

The treatment takes less than an hour and requires only a day or two of downtime afterward to allow any bruising or swelling to fade. FaceTite produces permanent, near surgical results that look entirely natural. You’ll see improvement immediately, but because FaceTite triggers production of new collagen and skin cells, you will continue to see improvement over the next 3 to 6 months.

So Which Is Best for You?

Both FaceTite and liposuction can be used to treat all genders and virtually any age adult, although most patients are in their 30s to 50s. However, FaceTite is not suitable for nursing mothers or any patient who has certain skin conditions, so for them Dr. Hernandez recommends liposuction. Women who are pregnant should avoid all elective procedures or surgeries.

Liposuction removes fat, but it does nothing to tighten skin. So for patients who are seeing some amount of skin laxity as well as accumulated fat, FaceTite is the better option because it will produce the most comprehensive results.  

Double chin is often genetic, or yours may be the result of aging, weight gain or loss or some other factor. Whatever the reason, we know you want it gone. And double chin is notoriously resistant to diet and exercise. You can’t just lose it without help, so let us help you get your chin back.

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