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June 30, 2022

At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we offer the latest in non-surgical facial rejuvenation options for all genders, so men, too, can take advantage of available improvement benefits without having to resort to surgery.

After all, it’s not only women who want to look their best. Everyone wants a face that makes a great first impression. A face that says you are youthful, healthy, vibrant. A face that makes you smile when you look in the mirror. But time, genetics, lifestyle, and other factors all take a visible toll on your skin, especially on your face and neck.

So, guys, let’s talk about what a facial rejuvenation treatment could do for you

The most common concern we hear from men is double chin, but you might also be bothered by the shape of your nose, deepening lines and wrinkles, sagging features, scars or other skin imperfections. Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez is skilled and experienced in treating all types of facial skin issues, always using an individually tailored approach.

All these non-surgical options are performed in-office. Compared to surgery, they are much faster, more comfortable, more affordable, require minimal downtown for recovery, and leave virtually no visible scarring. Yet they provide impressive results – in most cases, permanent or very long-lasting results.

Double chin

Submental fat accumulation can make you look older or overweight. Liposuction, FaceTite or Suture Suspension Neck Lift can all help smooth your chin and jawline.

Facial Fat Transfer

Dr. Hernandez can use fat from elsewhere on your body to replace lost volume, especially in the cheeks.

Nose Contouring

You’d be surprised at the amount of change you can achieve without having to undergo rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Hernandez can use certain dermal fillers to smooth humps and bumps, boost the bridge, or revise the shape or tilt of the tip.

FaceTite, Morpheus8, or Embrace RF

These options are designed to improve skin health, tone and texture.

FaceTite uses gentle but highly effective radiofrequency energy to firm the skin and melt sub-surface fat. As she removes the unwanted fat, Dr. Hernandez skillfully smooths facial contours. FaceTite also stimulates renewed collagen production in the skin, improving tone and texture.

Morpheus8 uses fractional radiofrequency energy to reduce fat and tighten skin, then goes further by adding microneedling to trigger more extensive skin renewal. Patients may choose to include platelet-rich plasma with Morpheus8 treatment.

EmbraceRF is a two-step treatment that combines both FaceTite and Morpheus8 in the same session, to produce even greater results.

Dr. Hernandez says that most men benefit from the combination treatments of FaceTite and Morpheus8 for maximum skin tightening and improvement in skin texture. Occasionally, a patient may opt to undergo FaceTite alone as a more affordable option, then perhaps undergo Morpheus8 at a later date. Men who are looking to improve the texture, pore size and to firm the skin slightly may opt for Morpheus8 treatments alone. 

EuroThread Lift or Suture Suspension Facelift

These innovative alternatives to facelift surgery can produce amazing results that last several years. Both procedures use injectable surgical suture to lift underlying tissues and/or stimulate concentrated renewal of collagen, elastin and blood flow. EuroThreads provides some lift to the jawline and neck, but results are not nearly as dramatic as the lift and contouring that a Suture Suspension Facelift or Suture Suspension Neck Lift can provide.

Dr. Hernandez recommends EuroThreads Lift for patients looking for a refreshed, slightly lifted look. For patients who have more pronounced skin laxity but who desire a more youthful, lifted and contoured look, Dr. Hernandez recommends a Suture Suspension Facelift or Neck Lift because the strategically placed sutures are anchored to deep tissues for maximum lifting and contouring.

With either procedure she may also use FaceTite or AccuTite (depending on which area of the face is being treated) to firm the skin, VASERlipo to reduce the excess fat in the submental area for Suture Suspension Neck Lift, and Morpheus8 to improve the texture of the skin.

Botox and Dermal Filler Injections

These temporary treatments can reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and some types of scars and help prevent wrinkles from forming or worsening. Dr. Hernandez may recommend Botox or fillers to put the finishing touches on one of the above treatment options.

Earlobe Repair

Accidents happen, especially if you wear earrings or similar jewelry in your ears. Heavy earrings and aging can cause earlobes to sag, even if they don’t tear. These problems can be fixed.

Give your look a lift! Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Hernandez to discuss how the right non-surgical treatment can help correct skin problems and rejuvenate your facial appearance.  

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