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How to Repair Aged and Sun-Damaged Skin

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June 30, 2022

The passage of time can take a tremendous toll on your skin, especially your face. Your age, exposure to the sun and genetics all affect how your skin responds. Fortunately there are corrective measures you can take – treatments that help repair age and sun damage and, in many cases, boost your body’s own ability to produce healthier skin that is smoother and firmer.

Two of our favorite treatments here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery are BBL HERO Light Therapy and Morpheus8. Both are excellent choices for repairing visible signs of aging and sun damage on the face and also most other areas of the body.

BBL HERO Light Therapy

Broadband light high energy rapid output – BBL HERO – is an advanced type of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. It is popular with patients because the treatment is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Gentle
  • Comfortable
  • +Effective
  • Safe for all but the darkest skin tones
  • Convenient (no downtime required)

Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez likes BBL HERO for patients because it is a versatile system that enables her to precisely tailor treatment to each patient’s skin and range of concerns. She can treat multiple skin conditions simultaneously, including:

  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Age spots and sun spots such as freckles

BBL HERO also helps reduce enlarged pores and tighten the skin so patients can achieve smoother, firmer skin with enhanced, more uniform tone and texture. BBL HERO works quickly to improve the skin. However, because IPL-based therapy is gentler than other types of treatments, it works more gradually. Patients typically require multiple treatment sessions to achieve desired results.

That said, a study conducted at Standard University shows that, over time, BBL HERO treatment actually produces a “prejuvenation” effect that slows skin aging.


Morpheus8 is a minimally-invasive resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment that uses a unique blend of radiofrequency energy and microneedling. All genders and skin types can take advantage of this treatment, which Dr. Hernandez can customize for each person. Microneedling creates microscopic punctures that the body detects as wounds. That triggers the natural healing process, resulting in production of fresh, healthy skin cells that replace damaged skin.

By controlling depth of needle penetration, Dr. Hernandez can reach deeper layers with radiofrequency energy that melts (morphs) sub-surface fat. So, using Morpheus8, she can produce smoother contouring as well as smoother, more vibrant looking surface skin. Patients who want to see faster, enhanced results may choose to add Plasma as a finishing touch to their Morpheus8 treatment.

Dr. Hernandez applies a soothing, hydrating cream immediately following treatment to calm the skin. Still, patients typically see some redness, mild swelling and shiny skin for a few days following treatment, but most are comfortable returning to normal activities the next day.

Best-Quality Skincare Supports Best-Quality Results

You can’t control your genetics or the aging process, but there are things you can do to help prevent skin damage. Your first line of defense should be regular, no-fail use of sunscreen when outdoors. But all the skin care products you use affect your skin health, so we also recommend using medical grade products that repair as well as help prevent visible age and sun damage.

Medical grade products contain higher amounts of key ingredients without any potentially-risky extras, so you can be confident they are both safe and very effective. Even better, you can be confident you’re choosing exactly the right products for your skin, thanks to personalized professional advice from Dr. Hernandez or our aesthetician.

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