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Laser Hair Removal or Waxing? What’s best for you?

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June 30, 2022

Especially now as the holidays approach you want to look your party best, head to toe. Silky smooth skin is a must, so unwanted hair must go. For most people, either laser hair removal or waxing could be a good choice.

No matter your age or gender, there are lots of places on your body where you might want to eliminate hair — either all of it such as on the legs or underarms, or just some of it (for shaping bikini lines or eyebrows, for example). So which treatment is best? That depends on your personal preferences and ultimate goals, but we have some specific recommendations for you.

Why choose laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can do great things and the process provides virtually permanent results. However, most laser devices don’t work for individuals with darker complexions. Here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery we offer advanced Triton laser hair removal because this device is effective and safe for all skin types and tones. Still, even Triton cannot effectively target grey or white hairs.

Most people find that Triton laser hair removal is not as painful as waxing. It takes multiple treatments to achieve full results because the laser targets actively growing hairs and hair grows in phases. Once your treatment series is completed, however, results are virtually permanent.

Why choose waxing?

Waxing can remove all the hair, anywhere, regardless of skin or hair color. Although it is safe and effective for everyone, including pregnant or nursing women who are not candidates for laser treatment, waxing can cause skin irritation or redness on sensitive skin. To reduce discomfort, we use a specialized wax that does not stick to the skin.

Waxing is more versatile than laser hair removal. It lends itself beautifully to small areas and delicate skin such as upper lip and eyebrows. We can precisely and safely contour brows and bikini lines. Waxing also works well for more expansive areas with less sensitive skin such as the legs and back. In addition to areas already mentioned, our Eterna Cosmetic Surgery patients choose waxing to eliminate or reduce hair on the face, abdomen, arms, back, buttocks and legs.  

Depending the location and your hair, scheduling treatments every 2 weeks (4 weeks for non-face areas) will help maintain your look. When we perform waxing treatments on areas where some hair remains (the public area, for instance), we can also trim ¼” from those hair ends so the final result appears tidy.

Waxing is not permanent. That’s a headache if your goal is never having to shave your legs again. But it can be a plus, too. Take bikini lines, for example. Trends change, so the all-gone hair removal you’ve chosen for now could go out of fashion at some point. If you had laser hair removal, that hair is gone even if you then wish it wasn’t. Waxing gives you the chance to change your mind altogether or to modify shaping.

This is important for eyebrows, too, again because trends change. Today’s brows make a bold statement, so those pencil thin or abbreviated shapes that might have looked all the rage in the past now look dated. Really dated. Thanks to waxing, though, you can update your look with the times.

Mostly, It’s a Matter of Personal Preference

Other than the specific imitations of each treatment type, whether you choose laser hair removal or waxing is simply up to you. You can get personalized advice by scheduling a consultation with our medical aesthetician.

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