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Morpheus8 is one of the most effective methods of reducing the appearance of common signs of aging through the use of revolutionary cosmetic technology. This treatment method can be applied to the patient’s face, neck, and body, where radiofrequency and microneedling stimulate collagen and elastin production to achieve youthful skin. For more details about Morpheus8 in San Antonio, patients can reach out to Eterna Cosmetic Surgery.

What Is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a highly effective, safe, and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that uses a microneedling handpiece that delivers radiofrequency energy into the tissues under the skin. This powerful combination promotes collagen and elastin production, resulting in significant skin tightening, improved elasticity, and overall skin rejuvenation.

Benefits of Morpheus8 Skin Resurfacing

Morpheus8, a cutting-edge non-surgical cosmetic procedure, delivers remarkable benefits in the realm of skin resurfacing. At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio, our patients experience:

  • Youthful Skin Renewal: Morpheus8 revitalizes the skin, actively stimulating collagen production, which results in tighter and more youthful-looking skin.
  • Versatile Treatment: This innovative skin resurfacing procedure is not limited to the face; it can be applied to various body areas, offering comprehensive rejuvenation.
  • Minimally Invasive Approach: Morpheus8 takes a minimally invasive approach, minimizing discomfort and reducing downtime.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Our skilled practitioners precisely adjust the depth of the treatment, customizing the procedure to meet the unique requirements of each patient, ensuring exceptional outcomes.
  • Swift Recovery: The efficiency of Morpheus8 ensures minimal downtime, allowing patients to promptly resume their daily activities.

Good Candidates for Morpheus8

The ideal candidates for Morpheus8 are patients looking for an effective and minimally invasive solution to fight the most common signs of aging.

This treatment option is ideal for addressing acne scars, stretch marks, loose skin, wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, and oversized pores.

Patients who are pregnant, have active skin infections or skin cancer, or have a history of keloid scarring are discouraged from receiving Morpheus8 treatment.

Additionally, patients who smoke or drink heavily may not be good candidates for the treatment, as these habits can affect how well the treatment can benefit them.

If a patient is recovering from surgery, an accident, or a severe bout of sickness, waiting until they have fully recovered would be advised before considering Morpheus8 treatment.


Your Consultation

It is crucial to have a consultation to determine the target areas for Morpheus8 treatment. This will help us to choose the appropriate approach for the session.

During the consultation, our specialist will inquire about the patient’s treatment goals and medical history. We will need to know if the patient has any pre-existing medical conditions or is taking any prescribed medication so that we can assess the situation accordingly.

We highly encourage patients to ask questions during the consultation. If there are any concerns, we can address them at this time.


Preparing for a Morpheus8 Session 

To optimize the results of Morpheus8 skin resurfacing at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio, we recommend doing these before the treatment:

  • Schedule a Consultation: Actively engage with our expert team by scheduling a consultation to discuss your goals and determine your suitability for Morpheus8.
  • Sun Protection: Proactively protect your skin by avoiding excessive sun exposure and tanning beds for at least two weeks before the procedure.

Medication Disclosure: Actively share information about any medications or supplements you are taking with your practitioner.

Your Session

The session for the Morpheus8 treatment starts with the patient’s skin being prepared. Topical or local anesthesia may be administered in order to prevent any pain or discomfort.

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the handheld device is then used to perform microneedling and send the thermal energy into the target area. Not only will this tighten the existing collagen and elastin, it will also encourage the production of new collagen and elastin for more youthful skin.

Morpheus8 Aftercare

Morpheus8 sessions don’t involve long downtimes or recovery periods, which allows patients to simply walk out and return to their previous activities once they are done.

For optimal results, we encourage following these aftercare tips:

  • Gentle Skincare: Actively employ gentle skincare products recommended by our team to tend to your treated skin, actively participating in the healing process.
  • Sunscreen Vigilance: Actively shield your skin from direct sunlight for several weeks following the procedure, applying sunscreen as directed.
  • Hydrate Actively: Actively maintain skin hydration by consuming an adequate amount of water, aiding the healing process.
  • Scheduled Follow-Ups: Actively attend follow-up appointments as scheduled to actively monitor your progress and ensure the best results.

How Much Does Morpheus8 Cost?

When it comes to the cost of Morpheus8 treatments, patients will learn the exact amount when they come in for their scheduled consultation. Price varies based on the number of treatment sessions needed, along with the exact issues being treated.


Is Morpheus8 a painful procedure?

Morpheus8 is generally tolerable. Topical anesthetics are thoughtfully applied before the procedure to ensure that our patients feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

What is the duration of a Morpheus8 session?

The procedure’s duration varies based on the treatment area, typically taking 30 minutes to an hour.

When can patients actively expect to see results?

Patients often observe improvements within a few weeks, with the most pronounced results manifesting over the following months due to active collagen production.

Are there any potential side effects from Morpheus8 skin resurfacing?

Mild redness and swelling are common side effects that may occur after the procedure, but they typically resolve within a few days. During your consultation, we’ll discuss these potential side effects in detail, so you can feel confident and informed about what to expect.

How many sessions will I need for optimal results?

The number of sessions required actively depends on individual goals and skin condition, with our experts actively providing a personalized treatment plan during your consultation.

Schedule Your Consultation

Patients can contact Eterna Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio today to schedule their consultation and learn more about what Morpheus8 offers.

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