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Scar Revision in San Antonio

Scars can have a dramatic effect on our confidence and self-esteem. Whether surgical scars, scars from burns, traumatic injuries, keloid scars, or hypertrophic scars (scars that are thickened), it can sometimes feel like all people see are our scars! Dr. Hernandez is proud to offer scar revision to patients of Eterna Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio.

Who is an ideal candidate for Scar Revision?

Ideal candidates for scar revision are healthy individuals who are uncomfortable with scars anywhere on their bodies. Deciding upon scar revision is a personal choice you should never make for someone else, but for your own confidence.

You should be healthy, and should be a nonsmoker (or able to stop smoking for six weeks prior to and after surgery).

It’s important that you have realistic expectations for scar revision. While no scar can be erased completely, scar revision surgery can dramatically improve the appearance of scars.

What happens during Scar Revision?

During scar revision, Dr. Hernandez will inject local anesthetic to numb your skin. She will then surgically remove the scar by carefully cutting out thick scar tissue with a scalpel and Bovie electrocautery. In most instances, scar revision is an in-office procedure performed using local anesthetic.

She will close your wound in a layered fashion with dissolvable sutures underneath the skin, and will use skin closure products like Dermabond or Prineo tape to help your scar heal as a thin line. Dr. Hernandez recommends scar creams or silicone sheeting products to help minimize the already-minimal scarring that results from the procedure.

How can I get even better results?

To help facilitate healing and promote your body to further reduce the appearance of your scar, Dr. Hernandez also recommends Morpheus8, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), or SkinPen microneedling to improve the appearance of your scar as it heals. Each of these procedures stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, so that your body nurtures the skin from the inside out.

How do I prepare for Scar Revision? 

Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water before and after your scar revision to encourage healing. Smokers will need to stop smoking six weeks prior to and after scar revision to support the healing process. Stop taking aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) like Advil, Motrin, and Aleve for two weeks prior to scar revision to limit bruising. 

During your consultation with Dr. Hernandez, she will thoroughly measure and examine your scar to determine whether the scar may be excised completely. She will thoroughly evaluate your scar and skin, and will provide you with a realistic outlook for the procedure. 

What can I expect after Scar Revision?  

Dr. Hernandez artfully performs scar revision to dramatically reduce the appearance of your scar and help restore your confidence. Dr. Hernandez recommends scar revision patients rest comfortably at home for two days (including the day of your procedure). You should avoid strenuous exercise or activity for 1 to 2 weeks following your scar revision surgery (the exact length of time depends on the size and location of the treated area, and Dr. Hernandez will advise you accordingly). 

Recovery from scar revision is fairly low maintenance. Dr. Hernandez will apply Dermabond skin glue or Prineo tape following the procedure, which will keep your incision covered and waterproof for two weeks. This allows you to shower or take a bath, and otherwise go about things normally, without requiring the need to frequently change bandages. 

Every scar revision surgery and patient is different, so the amount of time needed for your skin to heal will be dependent on your specific situation. Dr. Hernandez will set expectations and review your timeline with you during your initial consultation, and following your surgery. Soon, you will be able to enjoy confidence and improved self esteem due to your dramatically-improved scar!

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