What happens after an Eterna Breast Lift?

The Eterna Breast Lift not only produces impressive results, but the procedure takes much less time than traditional breast lift surgery and there is considerably less downtime required.

You should set aside two days for recovery – that is, the day of your treatment and the day after. You will continue to wear a tight sports bra for three months. The compression provided by the sports bra helps reduce swelling and speeds recovery by supporting the breasts as they heal. Unlike surgical breast lift procedures, the Eterna Breast Lift leaves no scars because there are no large incisions.

Breast Lift Results

The Eterna Breast Lift delivers permanent results. You should notice improvement right away and see significant improvement after about three months. Your breasts will look higher and tighter – more youthful – without loose or wrinkly skin. Even better, the skin can continue to firm for up to one year after the treatment because Renuvion boosts cellular metabolism and stimulates new production of collagen.

Are your breasts ready for a firming lift?

Then, it’s time to make an appointment with Dr. Hernandez for a private consultation. During this time, you can discuss your concerns and aesthetic goals, and together you can decide if the Eterna Breast Lift is right for you.