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June 30, 2022


As we age, our skin loses elasticity as well as volume, which can be especially noticeable in the face. The overall effect can be a drawing down of the features – sagging jowls and flattened or sunken cheeks that can make you look tired or unhappy as well as older. Regardless of age, some people have naturally flatter cheeks with more prominent cheekbones. That can be a pride-instilling ethnic hallmark, but when it’s not, it can make you look gaunt.

If your mirror is telling you that plumper cheek contouring would give your look a lift, we have two great non-surgical options for you at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery. Both are injectable dermal fillers, though they are different in several ways.

Why fillers?

As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez can perform fat transfer to the face as a way to add volume to the cheeks, but as she says, “this procedure is not popular in my practice or anywhere else because it is very unpredictable and may not last in many people.” Once she explains this during a consultation, most patients opt for a filler instead.

Although any dermal filler can be used on the cheeks, Dr. Hernandez believes Radiesse and Renuva are the best options. The cheeks are the largest area of the face so it takes a lot more product for full correction that in any other part of the face.


Radiesse is especially valuable for restoring volume in the cheeks because it is thick and pliable and contains calcium hydroxyapatite microbeads that provide additional long-lasting support. In addition, Radiesse stimulates renewed natural collagen production over time to provide further ongoing improvement. Results last about a year. Radiesse is also more cost-effective than other fillers because the syringes contain more product.

“I can create the same look with any other product,” Dr. Hernandez explains, “but it takes more syringes of those products. Radiesse is a biostimulant so it stimulates collagen during the year it’s in the tissues. It is metabolized over approximately one year but leaves behind some collagen so results can last longer than one year.”


Renuva is made from allograft adipose (fat) matrix, which is derived from processed donated human fat tissue. It is not a gel like most fillers, it’s a paste.. Dr. Hernandez says Renuva Adipose Matrix is another great option to restore lost volume in the mid face because the fat pads in the face shrink down as we age even if we gain weight in our body.

Renuva stimulates those fat cells to enlarge again — like when you were younger. Results are very long-lasting, so Renuva is a good choice for patients who don’t want to have filler treatments every year and desire longer lasting results.

What if your cheeks need a bit more boost?

Older patients often have more pronounced facial skin laxity as well as loss of volume. If that’s you, Dr. Hernandez may recommend Suture Suspension Facelift to produce a smoother appearance, combined with filler treatments such as Radiesse or Renuva to contour the cheeks. Together, these treatments can help patients achieve more obvious rejuvenation results without having to resort to invasive surgery.

All genders

Men lose facial volume, too. Here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we’ve noticed more and more men are interested in facial rejuvenation with fillers, especially Renuva because it’s such a long-lasting option.

No matter who you are, if replenishing volume to enhance your cheek contouring would bring a smile to your (more youthful-looking) face, it’s time to schedule a personal consultation.


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