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Shed Bad Skin with these Facial Treatments

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June 30, 2022


You can use over-the-counter exfoliating products on your skin at home, with positive results. Exfoliating removes dead cells and other surface debris to help keep your skin clean and healthy. But at-home products are all relatively mild cleansers, not intended to address imperfections such as acne scars, fine lines or dark spots.

At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we offer several types of facial treatments that allow you to get serious about shedding bad skin and revealing the smoother, more youthful tone and texture you want to see. Three of our favorites for resurfacing facial skin are Halo hybrid fractional laser treatment, Morpheus8 and chemical peels.

There are many issues that might lead you to describe your skin as “bad,” and all three of these treatment options can help correct or improve multiple problems. Even better, they are highly customizable and suitable for almost everyone – any age or gender and nearly all skin tones. Unfortunately, pregnant women and those with certain underlying health issues cannot undergo any of these skin treatments.

Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser Treatment

This treatment is unique in that it incorporates two advanced technologies. First, its fractional targeting is faster and gentler on the skin than traditional laser devices but can produce significant results. Second, Halo can deliver two different wavelengths simultaneously, enabling us to perform ablative surface treatment and non-ablative sub-surface treatment at the same time.

We especially love Halo for treating melasma on Fitzpatrick skin types 5 and 6 (the darkest tones). This is a big deal, because most laser treatments are not suitable for people with dark complexions. Most patients experience some initial redness and swelling, then peeling, all of which usually subsides within 2 weeks. You can return to your daily routine within 2 days.


This treatment is also unique, combining radiofrequency energy and microneedling that both tightens and resurfaces skin, yielding smoother contours as well as improved tone and texture. Morpheus8 treatments produce immediate improvement, but skin continues to repair itself through renewed production of collagen and elastin. Many of our patients elect to add Plasma to their Morpheus8 treatments to accelerate healing and boost results.

We especially love Morpheus8 for skin tightening and firming on the face — and body. Patients typically experience some post-treatment redness, mild swelling or shiny looking skin for a few days, but you can go back to normal daily activities within 2 days.

Chemical Peels

Whereas at-home exfoliating products typically contain ingredients that gently scrub the skin’s surface, our MedSpa peels use chemicals that not only cleanse the surface but actually remove the top layer of skin cells, too. Different peels are designed for different purposes, so some use very mild chemicals and other use more aggressive products. We offer:

  • SkinMedica Illuminize Peel
  • ZO Skin Stimulator Peel

Chemical peels are nice for minimal downtime and a gradual improvement in pore size, acne breakouts, fine lines and sun damage. However, because they are less aggressive, and usually require a series of treatments to achieve results comparable to Halo or Morpheus8.

So What’s Best?

That depends on your skin, your aesthetic goals, and your personal preferences. Regarding downtime, cost, and how quickly you would like to see results. At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we always start with a complimentary skin analysis, which helps us make the most appropriate treatment plan recommendations for each patient. If you’re ready to shed your bad skin, schedule a personal consultation today.


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