Sagging skin is an unfortunate side effect of aging, and can be particularly substantial for those who have lost large amounts of weight. Excess skin and fat in the inner thigh area can result in an unbalanced appearance, poor thigh contour, and excess skin can cause friction and uncomfortable side effects. 

Dr. Hernandez performs Thigh Lifts on patients across San Antonio to help them achieve more pleasing contours of their thighs, to restore confidence, and to create an overall more balanced appearance. 

What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift, also referred to as a thighplasty, is a surgical procedure where Dr. Hernandez removes the excess skin and fat, reshaping the inner thighs to create a more balanced, pleasing appearance. A Thigh Lift is often combined with liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits and excess skin, which combined with Dr. Hernandez’s artful touch, completely transforms your thighs. 

Who is an ideal candidate for a Thigh Lift? 

Ideal candidates for Thigh Lift surgery are at a stable weight, and are able to maintain that weight. They have excess skin along the inner thighs due to weight loss or aging, and wish for a more youthful, pleasing appearance. 

You should be in generally good health, follow a healthy lifestyle, and should either not smoke, or be able to stop smoking for a time before and after your surgery to promote healing. Also, a positive outlook and realistic expectations are very important! 

What happens during a Thigh Lift? 

A Thigh Lift is a surgical procedure that is completed in a hospital. You will be under general anesthesia for this surgery. For most patients, Dr. Hernandez will remove unwanted and/or stubborn fat using liposuction. Then, Dr. Hernandez will remove excess skin and reshape the thighs during the thigh lift procedure. 

The size and location of your incisions will depend on the extent of your Thigh Lift and the amount of skin removed. Through your incisions, Dr. Hernandez will remove the excess skin and contour your thighs to create a more balanced, pleasing shape. 

How do I prepare for a Thigh Lift? 

Preparation for a Thigh Lift prepares your body for surgery and recovery.  To achieve that goal, patients who smoke will need to stop smoking before your Thigh Lift, and for several weeks following surgery. Fuel your body with healthy foods and plenty of water in the weeks leading up to your Thigh Lift, and during your recovery. 

During your initial consultation, Dr. Hernandez will review any medications or supplements you are taking. She may advise you to stop taking certain pills that could interfere with healing. All patients should avoid Aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) like Advil, Aleve, and Motrin for two weeks before Thigh Lift surgery. 

Since you will be under general anesthesia for your Thigh Lift, you will need a friend or family member to drive you home from the hospital and ask questions regarding your postoperative care. 

What can I expect after a Thigh Lift? 

In most cases, you will be able to return home after several hours of monitoring at the hospital. Depending on your specific circumstances; however, Dr. Hernandez may recommend you spend the night at the hospital for continued monitoring.  

You will notice immediate results from your Thigh Lift, in addition to some swelling. This may take up to 12 weeks to completely resolve. To assist with healing, you will wear a compression garment for six weeks following your Thigh Lift.

You’ll need to take at least two weeks off of work to rest and recover. Refrain from strenuous activity for six weeks after your Thigh Lift, so that your incisions and body can heal and recover. You will see the final results from your Thigh Lift about 3 months after your surgery.