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What are the benefits of a EuroThread Lift?

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June 30, 2022


We now offer EuroThread Lifts at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, and we know you’re going to be excited about this new skin rejuvenation option. For one thing, it is safe and effective for all skin types and genders. So read on to learn more about the benefits of this very versatile non-surgical procedure that is an alternative to facelift surgery and so much more!

You already know that Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez carefully selects each type of treatment we offer, for the specific benefits it can bring to our patients and, in many cases, because she can combine it with other treatment options to produce enhanced results that are even more personalized and longer-lasting. A EuroThread Lift not only provides impressive results on its own, it combines nicely with other options and offers an impressive list of additional benefits:

You can see comprehensive results

EuroThreads are fine suture threads made of polydioxanone (PDO), the same suture used by heart surgeons. PDO is one of the safest materials that can be implanted in the body. For this procedure, Dr. Hernandez implants the threads into sub-surface skin in the target area, strategically positioning them to achieve a variety of desired results. The threads trigger the skin’s natural healing process, particularly production of new collagen, which diminishes as we age.

A EuroThread Lift not only works to lift loose or sagging skin, it can help improve skin quality so that your skin and body contours appear fuller, firmer and smoother – all with minimal downtime. In addition, Dr. Hernandez says that this technique combines well with Botox and dermal fillers as well as body contouring procedures such as BodyTite and Morpheus8.

EuroThreads are an excellent option for the face and neck

This procedure can rejuvenate the face and neck by restoring lost volume to the cheeks, reducing jowls, firming the jawline, and smoothing neck bands. This technique provides a lighter touch lift than a procedure such as Suture Suspension Facelift, so it can be a good choice for patients who want to address early signs of aging rather than waiting till those signs are more noticeable.

Because EuroThreads are very thin, they can be used in more areas of the face, including the lips and upper and lower eyelids. These most delicate areas are typically not suitable for other types of treatments. EuroThreads can also be used in superficial layers of the skin to improve texture.

EuroThreads can be used to treat other areas of the body

For most people, loose skin and other signs of aging don’t appear only on your face. Dr. Hernandez can use EuroThreads Lift to smooth and firm the décolletage, lift and firm skin on the breasts, arms, thighs, and above the knees, or reduce appearance of stretch marks and other types of scars.

She can also treat very small areas. Sometimes making seemingly minor changes can achieve significant improvement. For example, lifting the tail of the eyebrows can create a refreshed, more alert eye area. EuroThreads can also help improve nose contouring or simply give a little lift to the tip.

You can see results right away

Patients see instant visible improvement following their procedure, plus improvement continues over the next several months as the body produces new collagen for firmer, fuller skin. There is no scarring. Results last up to a year and a half. The procedure is repeatable in the future, so you can maintain your more youthful appearance and also address any newly-emerging concerns.

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