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What are the different types of eyelash treatments

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June 30, 2022

What’s the perfect pairing with today’s trendy bold eyebrows? Boldly dramatic eyelashes, of course. And our MedSpa at Eterna is the perfect place to get the lashes you’ve always wanted. We offer a variety of eyelash enhancements to match your look and lifestyle. And, let’s be honest – a skilled medical aesthetician can give you professional results.

Fussing around with DIY at home is frustrating, messy, and all too often the results look totally fake. Why go through all that every morning just to be less-than-thrilled? Instead, whether you want your lashes to look longer, thicker, darker and/or more curled, our customized enhancements will make them look naturally lush. You can say goodbye to mascara and eyebrow color.

Here’s What Enhancements Can Do for Your Eyes

We offer multiple lash and brow options, and our aestheticians are specifically trained in using these delicate techniques safely and beautifully. If you want both tinting and eyelash perm or lift, we can easily combine them in one session. We’ll do the perm/lift first, then apply the tint.

Eyelash Perm or Lift

Curvy lashes look prettier and draw more attention to the eyes. If you have long but naturally straight lashes, we can give them a perm – something like a miniature version of a hair perm that’s safe for the tender eye area. Results last for several weeks. If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly lashes, why not make the most of them? An eyelash lift is similar to a perm but lifts lashes from the base to accentuate the lashes themselves and open up your eyes.  


With this technique, we literally increase the thickness and length of your lashes one hair at a time, which produces very natural-looking results. We can do this in three ways:

  • Classic lashes add length for women with thick but short natural lashes.
  • Volume lashes are shorter, designed to make the entire fan look fuller and fluffier yet still feel light on your lids.
  • Hybrid lashes combine both classic and volume strands, interspersed to look naturally staggered.    

Eyelash Tinting

Tinting darkens lash and brow hairs and eyebrow skin in about a half-hour. We offer both traditional eyebrow tinting, which lasts about 2 weeks, and a henna alternative that lasts as long as 6 weeks.


This is a prescription-only medication proven to grow your own lashes thicker and longer when used continuously. Not everyone is a good candidate for this treatment, but a personal visit with Dr. Hernandez will answer that question for you. If Latisse is right for you, you’ll get a prescription you can use to purchase the product at your favorite pharmacy so you can apply it daily at home.

Dos and Don’ts for Enhanced Eyelashes

Summer is coming, and that means more trips to the pool, maybe even off to the beach. Can chlorinated pool water or salty sea water affect your eyelash treatment? Yes, says Dr. Hernandez. Too much time in the ocean or pool can break the bond of the adhesive and cause premature shedding of false lashes.

She recommends wearing goggles when swimming in either the pool or ocean. That will not only protect your eyes, it will protect your lashes by preventing extra friction on them while you’re in the water. Dr. Hernandez also recommends lash sealant to help retain your lashes longer. 

Patients using Latisse should always apply that first, prior to applying skin care products or makeup.  

And for those with tinted lashes or extensions, Dr. Hernandez says using oil- and alcohol-free foaming lash cleanser to prolong their life.  

Eye Appeal that Won’t Quit

Imagine waking up every morning with full, fluffy eyelashes and perfect brows. If you’re ready for eyes that say “wow” without the work, it’s time to check out eyelash enhancements at Eterna MedSpa.  

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