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What Do You Dislike About Your Breasts?

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June 30, 2022

While many think that breast enhancement is simply about increasing the size of the breasts, Eterna Cosmetic Surgery’s Dr. Hernandez would tell you otherwise. After meeting with many women here in San Antonio, she has discovered that just as every woman is different, so is her reason for choosing to enhance her bust line.

My Breasts Are Too Small

Many women want a more voluptuous bust line. A more prominent look is best achieved through breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is best if you feel that:

  • Your breasts are smaller than you’d like

  • Your breasts have lost their youthful fullness

  • Your breasts appear empty or deflated

  • Your breasts are asymmetrical

With the addition of an implant, Dr. Hernandez is able to create fuller, more pronounced breasts.

My Breasts Sag

A woman’s breasts are bound to change over time. With no help from gravity, age, weight fluctuation, and pregnancy can all cause a woman’s breasts to sag and work their way down the chest. Ideal for women who want to lift their breasts to a more youthful position, a breast lift is likely the right choice for you if:

  • Your breasts are drooping

  • Your breasts have lost their youthful perkiness

  • Your breasts appear elongated

  • Your nipples point downwards

A breast lift can be performed with or without the use of an implant depending on the look you hope to achieve.

My Breasts Are Too Big

Some women feel that their breasts are simply too large. Breast reduction surgery may be the right choice for you if:

  • Your breasts are larger than you’d like

  • Your breasts are not proportionate with your figure

  • Your breasts have continued to increase in size

  • Your large breasts cause you discomfort or make it difficult to exercise

Breast reduction surgery not only helps women feel more comfortable with the size of their breasts, but also more confident with their body’s overall.

Let Dr. Hernandez Help You Choose the Best Breast Enhancement for You

Whether you feel your breasts too small or too big, misshapen, or ill proportioned, there is a cosmetic procedure that will help you love your breasts! What form of breast enhancement is best for you? Dr. Hernandez looks forward to helping you decide what is best for you and your breasts. 


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