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What is a Suture Suspension Facelift?

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June 30, 2022

As we head into middle age, we see more obvious signs of aging in the mirror – issues that Botox and dermal fillers alone cannot combat. But do you really need facelift surgery? Not anymore. Since Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez introduced the Suture Suspension Facelift to her patients here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, this alternative procedure has become increasingly popular.

And no wonder. Suture Suspension Facelift provides results similar to a surgical mini-facelift but with no visible scars. Dr. Hernandez says patients are amazed at the lifting results and surprised to see that even the texture of their skin also improves. They tell her they love looking younger and having other people comment on how much younger and refreshed they look. They feel more confident, feel more comfortable taking pictures, and less self-conscious about the way their face and neck look in profile.   

Who wouldn’t want results like that?!

So What Is a Suture Suspension Facelift?

This is an outpatient procedure Dr. Hernandez performs here in our office to lift areas of the face that are starting to look saggy — the brow, cheeks, jowls, and neck. Because everyone’s face ages differently, you can address just one area or all of them. Results are typically 50% to 70% of the lift achieved with traditional facelift surgery, and they last as long as five years.

Patients receive local anesthetic and may also choose to use an inhaled relaxer called ProNox. For the procedure Dr. Hernandez makes just a few tiny needle-punctures. She starts by using FaceTite or AccuTite radiofrequency to gently tighten the skin and mold the underlying fat. This process gently detaches the skin from underlying tissues. She then uses a type of needle to precisely place specially prepared sutures that have barbs that will “grasp” and hold deeper layers of tissues in the desired lifted position.

Dr. Hernandez finalizes the procedure using Morpheus8 to improve the texture of the skin and, if desired, your own platelet-rich plasma to boost the results. With all this, a Suture Suspension Facelift restores and reinforces structure below the surface, providing support for the new elastin, collagen and skin cells naturally produced by the body in response to the procedure. Over time your body will absorb the sutures, but the results will remain.

Your new look? Revitalized!

The procedure takes just an hour or two depending on the number of facial areas being treated, and it is safe and effective for all genders and skin types. Compared to traditional facelift surgery, this alternative has lower risk of complications, shorter recovery, and is more affordable.

Getting Maximum Results

One reason patients choose Eterna Cosmetic Surgery is that Dr. Hernandez is so committed to fully personalizing treatment procedures to match each patient’s skin challenges and aesthetic goals. Often that requires using more than a single procedure because combining different types of treatments actually enhances overall results. We see this in the multiple components of the Suture Suspension Facelift itself.

Adding carefully-placed Botox and/or dermal fillers can prolong the effects of a Suture Suspension Facelift. Dr. Hernandez says almost all patients benefit from adding lost volume with fillers and smoothing out the upper half of the face with Botox.

The Procedure Is Repeatable

Not only will you look more vibrant and youthful following your procedure, Dr. Hernandez says people tend to age better after Suture Suspension Facelift with radiofrequency skin tightening. Nonetheless, we all do age no matter what procedure(s) we get to slow the visible effects of the process. With Suture Suspension Facelift you can look better longer, though some day in the future you may wish to have a repeat procedure to keep your face looking naturally smoother and more youthful. 

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