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What is the down time for FemTite and Surgical Labiaplasty?

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June 30, 2022

While some cosmetic enhancement treatments typically require no downtime whatsoever – Botox and dermal filler injections, for example – most require at least a little time to let your skin and body rest after the procedure. How long will that take? This is one of the questions everyone asks, no matter what procedure they are considering.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about getting surgical labiaplasty or Aviva FemTite nonsurgical labiaplasty. These procedures are increasingly popular with women in the 20s and up, for any number of reasons. You may have naturally very large labia, or they may have become stretched and saggy or distended due to significant weight loss, childbearing, or simply the natural aging process.

While surgery may be the best solution for some women, many can benefit tremendously without surgery, thanks to the Aviva FemTite nonsurgical labiaplasty alternative. In fact, Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez often combines these options to provide more comprehensive results for patients.

Surgery Requires More Recovery Time

We all know this, of course. Invasive procedures involve incisions and more extensive disturbance (or removal) of skin and tissues, so there is more to heal. The recovery time you should allow for labiaplasty or labiaplasty and Aviva FemTite combo treatment is 1 week. If you will undergo only Aviva FemTite, you should budget 2-3 days downtime.

Making the Best of Your Downtime

Planning ahead for your recovery will help the time pass as quickly and comfortably as possible. After all, you have to take some time off, whether it’s a week or just a couple of days, so you might as well make the most of it and pamper yourself! Dr. Hernandez suggests stocking up on comfort measures such as music, movies to watch, and good books to read.

For maximum physical comfort, Dr. Hernandez usually recommends that surgical labiaplasty patients use icing to help relieve post-procedure pain and swelling. However, she says some women like to use icing following their Aviva FemTite procedure as well. Because there is more discomfort after surgical labiaplasty, she is always careful to explain that ahead of time so patients understand and can be mentally prepared. She prescribes pain medication and encourages her patients to plan on resting and using icing and pain medication as instructed.   

This Is the Perfect Time to Get the O-Shot

More and more women are asking about the O-Shot to boost their sexual health and confidence. Dr. Hernandez says if you are having surgical Labiaplasty and/or the Aviva FemTite procedure, it’s a great time to get the O-Shot as well. It won’t add anything to your downtime.

The platelet-rich plasma that is injected boosts the Aviva FemTite nonsurgical labiaplasty results and helps the tissues heal faster after labiaplasty. Since patients are already pre-medicated with oral pain medication and anti-anxiety medication for the Aviva FemTite and labiaplasty procedures, you will experience even less discomfort during the O-Shot injections.  

Find Out More about Feminine Rejuvenation

Downtime is just one consideration that should guide you as you compare surgical Labiaplasty and nonsurgical Aviva FemTite. Dr. Hernandez can help you explore all your options during a comfortable, private consultation. You can be confident that whatever your decision, it is right for you and will help you achieve the results you desire. 

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