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5 Tips To Help You Recover from Breast Procedure

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June 30, 2022

Once you’ve made the decision to have a breast procedure, you’ll be excited to get it done and start enjoying your newly enhanced body as soon as possible. But don’t be too hasty. It takes more than the procedure itself to assure the best possible results, you play an important role here, too.   

Obviously the details of your recovery will depend on what type of procedure you have. At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez offers surgical breast augmentation, if that’s the best choice for you based on your goals. However, she may recommend an Eterna Breast Lift or Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation instead. Both of these are popular alternatives to actual surgery that can provide impressive results.

Whatever your breast procedure, these tips will help you recover as quickly and easily as possible.

1. Prepare Ahead of Time

You want your body to be in tip-top condition, so healthy lifestyle is a must:

  • Eat nutritious foods, stay hydrated and get your rest. Stock up for afterward, too.
  • Stop smoking, at least 30 days prior to any surgical procedure and for at least 30 days after the procedure (or until incisions are well healed). This is extremely important to optimize recovery and, ultimately, results. Cigarette smoking affects circulation in the small vessels of the tissues that are healing. That can cause delayed wound healing, thicker scars and even tissue loss and terrible scarring from that tissue loss. 
  • Ask if you should avoid taking aspirin, NSAIDs, and any vitamins or supplements that could cause bleeding.
  • If Dr. Hernandez gives you a prescription for post-procedure pain medication, fill it now.
  • Prepare your at-home space, with a comfortable place to relax, pillows to prop you up, and movies or books at hand so you can pamper yourself.

2. Healthy Foods, Hydration, and Sleep

Eat right, stay hydrated, and get lots of rest and sleep following your procedure. All these things are important in the recovery period because they affect wound healing and optimize our immune response to ward off infections of the healing incisions.

3. Dress for Success

Depending on your procedure, Dr. Hernandez may recommend wearing a soft cotton bra to protect and support your breasts as they heal. Or she may have you wear a compression garment. It is vital that you wear the right size surgical recovery bra that provides the appropriate degree of compression. Too tight and it can decrease circulation and negatively affect wound healing. Too loose and it can lead to increased swelling and discomfort and even allow increased tension on the edges of the incisions. That can cause the incisions to open, resulting in thicker scars.

4. Enlist Some Help

The best way to avoid temptation to overdo things following your procedure is to ask for help. This is especially important if you have young kids, because lifting and running around will not be allowed at first.

5. Give It Time

Dr. Hernandez says her #1 tip for breast procedure recovery is to allot the appropriate time to heal and recover. Women tend to want to return to work and strenuous activities, she says, so they ignore pain and try to do too much too early. This leads to setbacks in healing and can negatively affect the results.   

Besides, breast procedures don’t require excessive time off, as long as you do your part. Typically, patients take 2 days for Eterna Breast Lift (the day of and the day after), 2-3 days for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, and about 1 week for initial recovery from surgery. Depending on your procedure you may have to avoid certain activities longer.

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