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No-Cut Tummy Tuck in San Antonio

What if you could get a slimmer, more toned-looking abdomen without the downtime and scarring of a surgical tummy tuck? Pregnancy, weight loss, and even aging can cause stretched, loose skin and belly pooch. You may be committed to a healthy diet and you may be exercising your heart out, but that bulge persists. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You want help, but you don’t feel ready for surgery.

At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we understand. So, let us introduce you to the No-Cut Tummy Tuck.

What is a No-Cut Tummy Tuck?

This non-surgical option gives patients in San Antonio the best of two highly effective body rejuvenation procedures – Renuvion J-Plasma and VASER Liposuction — to accomplish impressive results. You can achieve a flatter stomach and firmer skin without surgery! The results will look entirely natural, as if you’d done it all on your own.

Traditional tummy tuck surgery requires long incisions so the surgeon can access muscles below the skin to reposition them. The surgeon then removes excess fat, trims away excess skin, and sutures the remaining skin back together. This extensive surgery can be very effective for those with severely stretched muscles and considerable excess, sagging skin. However, the No-Cut Tummy Tuck is an excellent, even preferable, alternative for adults with mild to moderate loose skin and persistent fat pockets on their abdomen.

Who is a Good No-Cut Tummy Tuck Candidate?

The No-Cut Tummy Tuck is safe and effective for all genders and all skin types. You are a good candidate if you are also:

  • Close to your ideal weight
  • In good overall health
  • A non-smoker
  • Have realistic expectations

Patients who are reluctant to have a surgical abdominoplasty procedure can consider the no-cut tummy tuck procedure. Candidates must follow the aftercare instructions to achieve optimal results. Ideal candidates are willing to commit to a healthy lifestyle after the procedure for results to last.

A no-cut tummy tuck is not ideal for patients with a fluctuating body weight. It is also not suitable for pregnant women. Patients will need a consultation to determine their candidacy for a non-surgical abdominoplasty.

Your Consultation

The first phase of your Eterna Cosmetic Surgery consultation is discussing your body goals. Our team will conduct a physical examination to determine if your body is suitable for the no-cut tummy tuck procedure. We will also evaluate your medical records.

Based on your body goals and our evaluation, we will present you with a personalized plan for the no-cut tummy tuck. We will explain all the details of non-surgical abdominoplasty, including the preparation, techniques involved, aftercare, and a cost estimate. Any questions you raise will be addressed during the consultation.

Benefits of a No-Cut Tummy Tuck

You can regain a more youthful look, restore your self-image and look trimmer in your clothes. And you can achieve that without extensive, invasive surgery. At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, our No-Cut Tummy Tuck is faster, with far less discomfort and downtime. It’s more affordable, too, and the results can be surprisingly surgical-like.

What happens during a No-Cut Tummy Cut?

Dr. Hernandez is well-known as a pioneer in adopting the most advanced and effective treatment options for her patients. With her experience, she knows her way around these procedures and understands how (and how well) they can work together to produce even greater results. Therefore, the No-Cut Tummy Tuck is highly personalized, with each step custom-tailored for the patient’s skin and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Hernandez will perform Renuvion J-Plasma treatment first. She makes tiny 3mm (about .10 inch) incisions, using them for both Renuvion and VASERlipo. Renuvion J-Plasma is a state-of-the-art treatment that produces exceptional skin tightening results, even for patients with severe skin laxity. The treatment uses radiofrequency-heated helium gas to firm collagen, proteins and other structural skin components, and it stimulates natural production of new collagen for ongoing improvement.   

Next, she performs VASERlipo. She inserts a thin cannula (tube) in each puncture incision to remove the oily, melted fat and then gently separate and remove additional excess fat as needed, contouring as she goes for a smooth, trim result. Fat removed by liposuction will not return.

For the finale, Dr. Hernandez applies a hydrating cream that soothes the skin to reduce post-procedure redness.

For most patients, the entire procedure takes about one hour per area treated.

What happens after a No-Cut Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Hernandez and our Eterna Cosmetic Surgery team will explain any post-procedure at-home care instructions before you leave. You can expect to feel sore in the treated area, but can return to work after 2 days. You will have to refrain from strenuous activity for the first week, though. You will start to see results after 2 weeks, noticing more significant results at about 3 months. Because the No-Cut Tummy Tuck stimulates new collagen and cell production, your skin can continue to grow firmer for up to a year following the procedure.

Ultimately, you will see a dramatic improvement in skin texture and firmness, as well as a slimmer, nicely contoured abdomen. These results are permanent, as long as you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What you will not see is scars – which is why we call this the No-Cut Tummy Tuck!

Get even better results

While the skin is still numb, Dr. Hernandez can also perform a Morpheus8 treatment. This advanced radiofrequency microneedling technology is an ideal companion for Renuvion, to further firm the skin and improve its texture, as well as improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and skin elasticity. Dr. Hernandez treats the entire procedure area, including incisions since the initial punctures are so tiny, to stimulate collagen production and healing in the skin along the incision edges.

If patients have chosen to add a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment following Morpheus8, the PRP serum will be applied to the skin once the radiofrequency microneedling is done. The microscopic openings created by the tiny needles allow the PRP to penetrate right away and begin to speed the healing process.

How Much Does a No-Cut Tummy Tuck Cost?

The primary factors that can affect the cost of a non-surgical abdominoplasty include anesthesia fees and total procedure time. Other relevant fees for the facility may also be included in the total price.

Ready to learn more?

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hernandez to discuss your concerns and desired goals for your abdomen. You can also review before and after photos to get an idea of how a No-Cut Tummy Tuck from Eterna Cosmetic Surgery might improve the appearance of your own midsection.

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