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Labia Majora Augmentation in San Antonio

Women today are far more aware of their bodies than past generations, including their most intimate areas. One of the greatest benefits of knowing your body is understanding you do not have to simply accept frustrating vaginal changes brought on by pregnancy and childbearing, aging, or significant weight fluctuation. You can do something about it.

Labia majora augmentation is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment that can restore volume and improve skin condition to make you more comfortable and confident in your clothing and in your sexual relationship.

How Does Labia Majora Augmentation Work?

The labia majora are the outer pair of vaginal lips. You may not give them much thought, until you start to detect problems:

  • Aging, especially after menopause, and pregnancy, breast feeding, and certain breast cancer treatments all cause reduced estrogen levels that can result in vaginal atrophy. Common symptoms include dryness and external pain or irritation during intercourse.
  • Aging also causes loss of fat, and childbirth can stretch the labia majora, leaving them lax and, in some cases, wrinkly. 
  • Some women are bothered by the fact that their labia majora are not symmetrical, though this can be perfectly natural.

There are surgical techniques that can improve the appearance of the labia majora. At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez performs labia majoraplasty as an outpatient procedure using local anesthetic and oral sedation. This option can produce the desired results without the need for hospitalization and lengthy time commitment, pain, and cost that go with it.
For labia majoraplasty, Dr. Hernandez surgically removes a slender crescent of excess skin on the inside of each of the labia majora, then closes with absorbable sutures. The amount of skin removed depends on each patient’s condition, but the goal is to achieve smaller, tighter labia majora that have a more compact and youthful appearance.

Patients usually take a week off to recover. Swelling gradually subsides over several weeks, and patients can resume sexual activity after 4-6 weeks.

However, Some Women Don’t Want any Type of Surgery

At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we are pleased to offer three non-surgical alternatives for labia majora augmentation. Two are injectable fillers, all three are performed as outpatient procedures here in our office. These treatments are faster than surgery, with less discomfort, minimal downtime, and minimal to no scarring. Nonetheless, they can effectively restore volume and tighter skin.


This innovative dermal filler is not made from the usual hyaluronic acid but from allograft adipose matrix, a derivative of human fat. Like gel fillers, Renuva adds instant volume, but then it does more. The injected product includes growth factors, proteins, and collagen that stimulate natural enlargement of the fat cells, production of new cells and increased blood flow – renewed skin with healthier tone and texture.

Renuva treatments take only 5-10 minutes. Results will gradually improve over 3 months or so and can last for many years. This treatment can be a good choice for women who do not want to undergo fat transfer.


This is also an injectable dermal filler, but again it is different from traditional products. Bellafill® is collagen-based and incorporates microspheres of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) which work to provide additional support as more collagen is formed. So Bellafill® also provides both immediate and ongoing skin improvement. The bovine collagen is absorbed by the body, but the microspheres remain and the body produces collagen that attaches to these microspheres.

Most patients require just one Bellafill® treatment to achieve desired results, and results are considered semi-permanent, lasting 5 years or longer. There may be some bruising or swelling initially, so Dr. Hernandez usually suggests patients take a day or two off following treatment.

Fat Transfer

Instead of using an injectable filler to re-plump the labia majora and smooth the skin, this procedure uses your own body fat to add volume. Dr. Hernandez will use liposuction to harvest a small amount of fat from some other part of your body, then prepare the fat for injection and place it into the target area. Because it is your own fat, there is no risk of rejection or negative reaction.
Liposuction requires only very small incisions, but adding this step does make the procedure longer than simple injections, and you will need to budget a few days of downtime for recovery.

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