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Advantages of fat transfer buttock augmentation

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June 30, 2022

No doubt you’ve heard of the Brazilian Butt Lift, not to mention the curvaceous results it can produce. This procedure is officially known as fat transfer buttock augmentation, and there are good reasons for its popularity.

Most patients we talk to at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery want larger, more rounded buttocks. Some seek to improve asymmetry in their buttocks and improve the contour from flat to rounded. With aging and weight loss, the buttocks can change and appear droopy. When we add volume using fat transfer, the buttocks appears lifted as well giving it that rounded and youthful look you’ve been wanting.

There are actually three methods for re-shaping the buttocks:

  •  Surgical buttock lift – an extensive procedure that lifts by removing the excess skin and repositioning the underlying tissues. This surgery requires multiple incisions and suturing and a longer recovery period than other options. It is usually performed as part of a more comprehensive body contouring surgery.
  • Implants – pre-formed silicone shapes that are inserted to add volume. Contouring is limited by the size and shape of the implants. In some patients, implants can cause scarring or residual pain.
  • Fat transfer, also called fat grafting – which fat cells are moved from another part of the body to the buttocks to increase projection and reshape the contour.

Why fat transfer is the best choice

  • This is the most natural option. It uses your own body’s fat cells rather than introducing a “foreign object” into your body. This eliminates any possibility of allergic reaction and greatly reduces the chance of infection. Fat transfer is far less invasive than extensive lift surgery, so Dr. Hernandez can perform the procedure faster.
  • Fat transfer is effective for all ages.
  • Fat transfer is the most versatile, allowing Dr. Hernandez to precisely position grafted fat cells to create the desired shape, size, and contour.
  • Results look and feel soft and natural.
  • The best candidates for fat transfer are those who have enough available fat on their body and whose skin is elastic enough to accommodate the increase in buttocks size.

For some patients, fat transfer offers a side benefit – improved contouring in the area where fat cells are removed to augment the buttocks.

The fat transfer procedure

This is an outpatient procedure, performed using local anesthetic, Pro-Nox and oral medications to help you relax. Dr. Hernandez will first use liposuction to gently harvest fat cells – usually from your flanks, waist, and abdomen. The cells are then processed to remove any extraneous fluid or tissue. Finally, Dr. Hernandez will use a very thin tube called a cannula to inject the fat cells through tiny incisions strategically placed around your backside.

One potential downside to fat transfer is that not all grafted fat cells will survive. As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hernandez will plan for this by initially transferring more fat cells than are required to achieve desired final results.

After your procedure, you will receive pain medication, but most patients report they use it only for a couple of days. Swelling will gradually subside, though you may experience some lingering soreness for several weeks. Most patients are able to resume their normal routine in about two to three days. Because incisions are so small, scars will be virtually undetectable.

Is fat transfer right for you?

The best way to find out is to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Hernandez, so you can discuss your personal goals as well as the benefits and risks of fat transfer buttock augmentation. Buttock augmentation can also be performed with Bellafill® injections. Bellafill® is an FDA-approved dermal filler that Dr. Hernandez uses for some patients to add volume and smooth indentations in the buttocks, with results that last about 5 years.

Whichever procedure you choose, you can be on your way to feeling more confident, in attractively-fitting pants and skirts and that tiny bikini you’ve always wanted.


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