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Are chemical peels good for your skin?

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June 30, 2022

The word “chemical” may seem a little scary, so you might be wondering if chemical peels really are good for your skin. The answer is yes – this process has been used millions of times since the mid-1800s to resurface skin, especially on the face. Nonetheless, chemical peels aren’t necessarily right for everyone. Fortunately, there are different types, which is why they have such wide appeal.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Skin exfoliates naturally, but a chemical peel can do more to accelerate the process and provide deeper, more dramatic results. Chemical peels not only exfoliate our skin but also reduce fine lines and wrinkles, oil production and discoloration while stimulating collagen growth to produce smoother, healthier new skin.

Chemical peels are best for rejuvenating your complexion on a regular basis by boosting collagen production, minimizing pore size, correcting discoloration, and reducing fine-lines and even scars. You can incorporate milder chemical peels into your regular skin care regimen. Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez recommends scheduling sessions every 4-6 weeks to maintain glowing healthy skin.

Different Peels for Different Needs

Here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery we offer several types of chemical peels. On the most basic level, they all work the same way to improve skin – dissolving layers of dead skin to reveal smoother skin with more even tone and texture. In effect, this process injures the skin, which stimulates natural healing. Peels differ in how deeply below the surface they work:

  • Mild peels gently exfoliate the surface, producing visible smoother, brighter skin with virtually no downtime. Patients typically experience redness for 20 minutes or so, but you can immediately go back to your normal routine. This type of peel is ideal to revitalize your face a few days before attending a special event. These peels  can be used for regular monthly sessions.
  • Medium-depth peels exfoliate skin cells from the dermis (middle layer of skin) as well as the surface, to improve the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, etc. We can repeat this type of peel every month.
  • Deep peels are  highly recommended for more severe skin damage, scarring, laxity or melasma. Because they are more aggressive, they require more downtime to recover.

Although chemical peels can certainly do good things for your skin, it is best to begin using them slowly and carefully — for example, a signature HydraFacial treatment. This peel contains a light mixture of glycolic and salicylic acid, which is best for all skin types to lightly exfoliate dull skin. A more aggressive chemical peel would be the SkinMedica Retinol Peel which is extremely effective for all types of pigmentation.

Safety and Results Require skill

At-home chemical peels can be dangerous. They should be used with caution, and they won’t produce the exciting results you can get from a professional. The Spa at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery has trained and experienced licensed medical aestheticians who provide the most relaxing experience possible while delivering the highest quality treatment. We also offer lymphatic therapy facial massages, European massage of the neck and shoulders, aromatherapy and LED light therapy to effectively rejuvenate the skin.

Before we perform a chemical peel treatment on a new patient, we offer a complimentary skin evaluation to discuss your skin condition, the desired treatment and explore other options that might be better to surpass your expectations. We want every patient to leave feeling their best.

For this reason, we don’t recommend chemical peels for individuals with allergies or certain skin sensitivities to chemicals, anyone who is going to use a tanning bed, or anyone who has had a chemical peel within the last 20 days or so. Accutane users must discontinue use at least 6 months before receiving a chemical peel.

Schedule a Complimentary Consult and Skin Analysis

The best way to learn whether chemical peels can do great things for your skin is to come see us in person. That way we can evaluate your skin and identify the best possible treatment plan to meet your goals.

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