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June 30, 2022

More and more, women are coming to Eterna Cosmetic Surgery with the hopes of achieving a more pronounced derriere. Using your own fat cells to shape and contour the buttocks, a Brazilian Butt Lift can help patients achieve the bodacious backside they desire. Intrigued—and never the less, excited—women often ask Dr. Hernandez about the impact of the results.

Given the complexity of this procedure, there are, of course, a number of factors that contribute to the success of your Brazilian Butt Lift. It is important to understand the limitations of your own body.

Understanding Fat Cells

Worried that they do not have enough extra fat to give them the projection they want, some patients believe that they will need to gain weight previous to their Brazilian Butt Lift. This, however is not wise. While it may seem reasonable, a simple understanding of the body’s fat cells explains why this is not a good, nor healthy, idea.

Throughout our lives, our bodies have a limited number of fat cells. Meaning, that, regardless as to your weight, the number of fat cells remains the same. Instead, fat cells change in size. Thus, with weight gain, the individual fat cells get larger; and conversely, with weight loss, the fat cells get smaller.

Remember, even transferred, your fat cells are still living. It is important to be at a steady, maintainable weight as any post-surgery weight loss or gain will be reflected in the size of your buttocks.

Overall Proportions

Instead, understand that the amount of fat needed is proportionate to your specific body. Consider this: a patient that weighs 100 pounds will need far less fat to achieve the same change in buttock profile than as a patient who weighs 200 pounds.

A Need for Balance

More than simply adding fat to the buttocks, a Brazilian Butt Lift further emphasizes the buttocks by slimming specific areas. By defining areas such as the waist and thighs, Dr. Hernandez will give you a balanced buttocks that is in harmony with the rest of your appearance.

A Brazilian Butt Lift can be amazingly rewarding. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hernandez to learn how you too can benefit.


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