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June 30, 2022

Updated: Sep 22

Ready for a new you?

The month of May can be a mix of excitement for the summer sunshine and worry about swapping our outfits for shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits. Maybe you are thinking it’s too late to have the beach body you wanted for summer. Or perhaps you have wrote off any contouring treatments because you don’t want to deal with the long recovery times. Do not be discouraged because San Antonio cosmetic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez now offers two effective and minimally invasive procedures to help men and women get summer ready for summer with BodyTite™, FaceTite™ and NeckTite™.

BodyTite, FaceTite and NeckTite are now available at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery! Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez is the only surgeon in San Antonio and South Texas currently offering these non-surgical body-shaping procedures. Continue reading to see how Dr. Hernandez can help you achieve your summer goals with BodyTite, FaceTite and NeckTite.

Slim Down with BodyTite

It’s time to kiss your muffin top and stubborn tummy pooch goodbye! Men and women all have areas of their body that, despite their greatest efforts in the gym and the kitchen, refuse to slim down. BodyTite is a nonsurgical solution to this problem. BodyTite uses radiofrequency (RF) waves to heat up and melt the problem fat cells, while Dr. Hernandez will use a small tube called a cannula to gently suction the fat from your body.
BodyTite doesn’t just end with fat removal. The RF energy will also promote collagen growth to leave your body with tighter, well-contoured skin. Because BodyTite is minimally invasive, your recovery time will be significantly less than a surgical body contouring procedure with just as beautiful results! This procedure is designed to ensure you are out and showing off your new curves with confidence in no time.

Hold Your Head High with FaceTite and NeckTite

Contoured cheek bones, tight skin, and a slimming neck all can be achieved without surgery or a lengthy recovery time. If you have been bothered by sagging skin, loose skin underneath the chin, or wrinkles due to aging, FaceTite and NeckTite are here to help you hold your head high.
Using the same technology as BodyTite with a focus on facial contouring, FaceTite and NeckTite will reduce unwanted fat cells, remove those cells through a small cannula, and promote collagen growth to keep your skin looking youthful and tight. With a new, youthful glow, you will be confident to take on all the weddings, graduations, and Texas BBQs knowing you look fantastic.

Achieve Your Goals Just In Time for Summer

With minimal recovery times and natural-looking results, FaceTite, NeckTite and BodyTite are both great options for anyone in San Antonio who is trying to prepare their body for summer. Dr. Hernandez understands that each of her clients will have specific goals, and will work hard to create a personalized contouring procedure for them. If you want to know more about how FaceTite, NeckTite and BodyTite can help you achieve your goals, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Hernandez today.


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