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Plasma For Hair Loss: How Does It Work?

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June 30, 2022

Losing your hair can be so frustrating, for women as well as men. Genetics, aging, certain medical treatments and a surprising number of common medications can all cause hair loss. We’ve even seen news articles recently that indicate hair loss may be a side effect for some COVID-19 patients. But when you see those hairs escaping down the drain, who cares about the cause?

Platelet-rich plasma, can help reverse that trend. And it works for all genders.

Plasma Is Derived from Your Own Blood

Plasma is the component in blood that carries platelets and growth factors around the body to trigger production of cells and blood vessels. So they promote new cell growth to heal wounds. Growth factors in Plasma activate stem cells in the tissues and stimulate the hair follicles and supporting structures to regrow hair, decrease hair loss and improve hair thickness.

Plasma is safe for all skin types as well as genders because it is made from each patient’s own blood. Dr. Hernandez will take a small sample, spin it in a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma, then prepares the Plasma for injection.

How Plasma Works for Hair Loss

Plasma works under the scalp’s surface. So Dr. Hernandez injects the platelet-rich plasma directly where it is needed. The Plasma itself does not remain in place long, its job is to get things underway. The growth factors in Plasma activate a cascade of processes in the treated tissues. This leads to activation of stem cells, forming cells which support the hair follicle — blood vessels, nerves, sebaceous glands, muscle, and so on. This regeneration of tissues can continue for several weeks after the treatment.

Dr. Hernandez recommends multiple, monthly treatments to achieve best possible results. She says it usually takes a minimum of 3 treatments to see significant hair regrowth. However, patients frequently note less hair falling out after the first treatment and visible hair regrowth after the 2nd and 3rd treatments.

While platelet-rich plasma treatments can help regrow hair, decrease hair loss and thicken the hair, it is important to note that you can expect improvement, not maximum fullness.

Could Plasma Work for You?

At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we recommend Plasma injections for patients who:

  • Have suffered hair loss due to cancer treatments
  • Have significant hair loss (such as male pattern balding)
  • Have only patchy hair loss of thinning in specific areas

Ready to Improve Your Situation?

Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Hernandez, to learn more about Plasma works and whether it could be an effective treatment to help reverse your hair loss.

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