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June 30, 2022

Many women would love to have larger, firmer, or more rounded breasts. Perhaps you want to look shapelier and a bit more ample than Mother Nature provided, with more obvious cleavage. Or perhaps you want to restore volume lost due to pregnancy and breast-feeding, weight loss, or the passage of time, to bring back perkier, more youthful contours.

At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez can help you achieve the breast improvement you envision, using the all-natural process of fat transfer.

No Implants Required

Not every woman wants implants, or the surgery or the incisions, recovery time and expense that come with it. With fat transfer, Dr. Hernandez literally harvests fat from one area of your body and uses it to enlarge your breasts. If you’ve previously had implants and then had them removed, fat transfer can be an excellent natural (and natural-looking) alternative.

Patients with severe sagging of the breasts after massive weight loss are typically better candidates for mastopexy (surgical breast lift, which allows for removal of excess skin).

So, What About Fat Transfer?

The best candidates are those who want to increase their breasts just one cup size. Degree of ptosis (drooping of the breast) and degree of skin laxity determine whether fat transfer is a good option for you. Patients with mild to moderate sagging of the breasts can achieve a great look after fat transfer breast augmentation because the added volume restores fullness and gives the appearance of fuller, perkier breasts.

For the procedure, Dr. Hernandez makes just one tiny incision along the skin fold under each breast. Using a fat re-injection cannula, she can reach any part of the breast from that location. Specialized equipment pumps the fat into the breast, and because it is very soft, it takes on the shape of the patient’s breast and results in a natural look and feel.

Most patients need volume on the upper half of the breast to replace lost volume that occurs with aging, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or with changes in weight. Dr. Hernandez can place the fat in the superior half of the breasts to restore this lost volume. 

Typically, patients undergo 2 sessions of fat transfer to the breasts, about 3 months apart. Approximately 60% of the grafted fat will remain and 40% will be metabolized and eliminated naturally by the body. Because most women desire to add a fair amount of fullness to their breasts, this requires a second session of fat transfer.

Women who do not have enough fat on their buttocks, stomach, thighs, etc. for a second fat transfer typically undergo Renuva Adipose Matrix injections to add more volume during their second treatment session. (Renuva is derived from donated human fat and functions the same way within the body.)

Gain and Lose at the Same Time

It’s not unusual for patients primarily interested in breast augmentation to wish for contouring improvement elsewhere on their body. Fat transfer is ideal for this, because Dr. Hernandez can harvest fat from that problem area to add to the breasts. For this type of dual-benefit treatment plan, Dr. Hernandez will remove all the excess fat necessary to create an improved contour of the liposuction area, not just enough fat to fill the breasts.

Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover

Breast enlargement or lift is frequently requested as part of a Mommy Makeover — a combination of procedures individually selected according to each patient’s body improvement goals. If you combine fat transfer breast augmentation with our Eterna No-Cut Tummy Tuck, you can get an entirely non-surgical Mommy Makeover. For many women, this is far more appealing than multi-procedure surgery because it is faster and more affordable.

Fuller, Firmer, All-Natural

Want to learn more about the possibilities of fat transfer breast augmentation? Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Hernandez to discuss your concerns and desires.

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