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How to Tighten Neck Skin ー Best Treatments for saggy neck

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June 30, 2022

It’s easy to look in the mirror and see that your face could use a bit of an uplift – a few Botox injections here, some filler there. And there. But what about your neck? Telltale signs of aging on the neck will make your face look older, too.

Necks can develop wrinkles, saggy skin, and also banding – those sagging vertical lines that run down the center of your neck toward your throat. Even younger adults can develop these noticeable but unwanted problems. You could wear turtlenecks or scarves all the time, but here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery we have a much better solution.

In fact, we have four different solutions, depending on exactly what’s bothering you about your neck. Each of the treatment options mentioned below is non-surgical, performed in our office using local anesthesia (and, sometimes, additional sedation). Downtime is minimal, though it varies depending on the treatment.

Smoother Skin, No Sag

While Dr. Hernandez individually tailors each patient’s treatment plan for their specific skin condition and goals, she says most everyone is a good candidate for some type of neck skin tightening. After consulting with you, she may recommend:

Renuvion J-Plasma Skin Tightening

This is the newest innovation in non-surgical skin rejuvenation, and it’s so impressive it has already become a favorite with cosmetic surgeons as well as patients. The treatment is faster and even more effective that other treatments for tightening and resurfacing skin, even when skin laxity is severe. Yet the treatment is very gentle.

Dr. Hernandez makes just a few tiny incisions to insert the device tip, which uses radiofrequency-heated helium gas to contract collagen and proteins in the skin and the underlying fibrous septal network of tissues. Results are both immediate and ongoing, and improvement is permanent. (That’s not to say your body won’t continue to age, of course.)


Oh, that double chin! Dr. Hernandez can eliminate that submental fat, permanently, using VASERlipo, an advanced type of liposuction that is more precise and much easier on the body than traditional liposuction.

Suture Suspension Neck Lift

Do you have more severe skin laxity and wrinkling? This procedure combines radiofrequency-based skin tightening with insertion of thread-like surgical suture, positioned strategically to lift underlying tissue and also stimulate and support new collagen production. Results can last 5 years or longer.


This unique treatment combines radiofrequency energy with microneedling to tighten skin and improve surface texture. It works best for those with milder skin laxity. Morpheus8 also stimulates new collagen production. Many patients choose to add platelet-rich plasma to this treatment, to speed and enhance results.

Renuvion Can Enhance Results of Other Options

All of these treatments have effective results. However, it’s not unusual to have more than one issue with your neck. Our patients love Dr. Hernandez because she is so focused on personalizing treatment. With her experience, she is adept at combining various options to provide the best-tailored, most comprehensive results.

Because Renuvion is so versatile and offers such exceptional improvement, Dr. Hernandez can use it in combination with VASERlipo to tighten skin (liposuction only removes fat). She can also use Renuvion to boost results of a Suture-Suspension Neck Lift, or combine it with Morpheus8 for patients with moderate to severe skin laxity.

Is There Anything You Can Do at Home?

Yes, and no. You may read online that neck exercises, for example, can stretch the platysma muscle so it won’t contract and form banding, but (sorry) this does not work.

On the other hand, quality skin care products can help. Sun damage ages the skin, so using sunscreen or a daily moisturizer with SPF under make-up helps to protect the skin. Also using an anti-aging night cream with growth factors helps firm the skin.

But professional, in-office treatments can do so much more. So when it’s time to do something about your sagging neck skin, just give us a call to schedule a personal consultation.

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