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Correcting Crow’s Feet at Any Age

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June 30, 2022

Everyone notices your eyes. They are a central feature of your face – some would say the most expressive part of your face. Unfortunately every time you smile, or wink or squint the muscles that create those dynamic expressions form little wrinkles we not-so-politely call crow’s feet. No big deal when you’re young, right? The wrinkles disappear as soon as your expression changes.

Over time, though, those wrinkles stick around – visible even when your face is at rest. And they just keep getting deeper and more obvious. Now what everyone notices is your crow’s feet.

Let’s fix that.

The Right Skin Care Regimen Protects and Rejuvenates


At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery we recommend a three-part approach to help prevent and minimize crow’s feet, using Botox injections, medical grade quality skin care products and Plasma Fibroblast therapy as needed. These treatments can be tailored to every face and wrinkle severity. So you can benefit if you’re still young or you’re older and already have noticeable lines and wrinkles, regardless of your skin type or gender.

Early Intervention


If you are just starting to see fine lines and wrinkles when you make expressions, you are a great candidate for Botox as well as a medical grade anti-aging cream that helps firm the skin, such as Neocutis BioCream. Some patients start with a firming cream alone as it helps promotes healthy skin at any age.

Botox injections are well-known for their ability to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles by calming the muscles that form facial expressions – just enough to achieve the result you want without impairing your ability to show your true emotions.

Turning Back the Clock


If you already have deeper lines, you can still benefit from using a firming cream such as Neocutis BioCream to improve the texture and quality of your skin. At this point, using Botox is definitely recommended to smooth the existing lines and prevent the lines from getting deeper.

And if your crow’s feet are more obvious, we also recommend Plasma Fibroblast Therapy treatment. Plasma Fibroblast Therapy uses a different type of technology that is specifically designed to address small and very delicate areas such as around the eyes. It is non-invasive, working only on the surface of the skin, yet it produces long-lasting results — noticeably smoother, firmer skin.

Improving More than Crow’s Feet


Plasma Fibroblast Therapy is so effective it has become Dr. Hernandez’s preferred treatment for the eye area. And there’s an extra benefit here – for patients who are also concerned about wrinkled, sagging eyelids, she can use Plasma Fibroblast Therapy to perform non-surgical blepharoplasty on the upper and/or lower eyelids. That means you can achieve more comprehensive improvement in the eye area to look even more refreshed and youthful.  

To maintain your best look, you will want to continue using your anti-aging skin cream and getting strategically-placed Botox injections.

Where to Start?


We have the treatments you need, whether you’re excited to correct existing crow’s feet or head off those unwanted wrinkles before they take hold. With a personal consultation we can help you create a personalized skin care regimen that simultaneously protects and rejuvenates so that everyone will notice your eyes, not your wrinkles.

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