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June 30, 2022

Since we started offering Platelet Rich Plasma injections to our patients at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery to help men and women rejuvenate their sexual health, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez says the reason is simple. “The O-Shot and P-Shot are becoming more popular because they work so well!”

“My female patients report greater arousal, stronger and more frequent orgasms as well as increased lubrication,” she reports. “My male patients report stronger, firmer erections and that it’s easier to achieve and maintain erections. Men also report increased penile length and girth.”

Well, who wouldn’t be happy with those results?!

Highly Personal, Very Effective Treatment

The O-Shot and P-Shot restore and enhance sexual health using platelet-rich plasma derived from each patient’s own blood. The Plasma is a concentrate of platelets – the component within blood that carry growth factors around the body to promote healing – so it stimulates renewed generation of healthier tissue and blood supply in the target area by activating the patient’s own stem cells.

Because the Plasma is entirely natural and comes from your own body, there is no chance of allergic reaction or rejection. So it is safe for everybody.

The O-Shot and P-Shot are treatments performed with a specialized technique. These treatments were developed by Dr. Charles Runnels (famous for using Plasma to create the Vampire Facelift). Dr. Hernandez trained with Dr. Runnels himself to perform these in-office treatments.

The O-Shot for Women

Pregnancies and aging, especially menopause, can bring about vaginal changes that lead to sexual dysfunction, lack of confidence and urinary incontinence. It’s frustrating, and it can hurt your most intimate relationship. The O-Shot can help reverse symptoms to:

  •         Boost libido and clitoral stimulation
  •         Reduce or eliminate painful intercourse
  •         Normalize sensation of tightness in the vaginal canal
  •         Increase ability to orgasm and/or number and intensity of orgasms
  •         Correct overactive bladder and/or stress urinary incontinence
  •         Rejuvenate external vaginal appearance

Treatment takes only about 30 minutes. Dr. Hernandez first applies a numbing agent to the vaginal area. As that is taking effect, she takes a small blood sample and prepares the Plasma. She then injects it into the clitoris and also the erotic zone within the vagina known as the Grafenburg (G) Spot. There is no downtime required, but Dr. Hernandez recommends waiting at least 4 hours before engaging in sexual activity. Annual treatments help maintain optimal results.

The P-Shot for Men

Aging and other factors that have nothing to do with age can cause sexual dysfunction in men, resulting in a lack of confidence and ability to perform or enjoy intercourse. Medications exist to help correct these unwanted problems, but many guys have discovered that P-Shot injections provide even greater relief and enhancement. In some cases, Plasma for penile rejuvenation can eliminate the need for meds or make them work even better.

The P-Shot can help:

  •         Increase sensation
  •         Improve ability to achieve firmness and maintain it during sex
  •         Restore decreased size due to aging
  •         Correct angled erections caused by Peyronie’s Disease

The treatment takes only about 20 minutes. Dr. Hernandez first uses a local nerve blocker to numb the entire penis. As that is working, she takes a small blood sample to prepare the Plasma. She injects the plasma into one location in the head of the penis and 4 locations along the shaft. (For Peyronie’s Disease, the pattern is a bit different.)

There is no downtime.

Alleviate Frustrating Problems and Enjoy Sex Again

The ability to feel confident again during intimate moments and the opportunity to enjoy fully satisfying sexual activity could change your life. If that sounds good to you, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Hernandez to learn more about Plasma injections for sexual wellness. 

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