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What are the benefits of P-Shot for Men

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June 30, 2022

Sexual wellness can boost your confidence and enhance your enjoyment of life. Thanks to medical science, there is no longer any reason for men to suffer in frustration due to erectile dysfunction. But, guys, did you know there is an alternative to taking pills? It’s called the Priapus Shot®, or P-Shot®. It offers broader benefits than common medications provide, and it’s available here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez says a few men bring up the P-Shot® during a consultation for something else, however she discusses this treatment option with all her male patients. They all ask questions and seem open and comfortable discussing sexual wellness because she is so frank and answers any questions. Patients trust Dr. Hernandez because she is a trained medical professional, a surgeon, that can perform this minimally invasive treatment safely and effectively. 

How the P-Shot® Helps

Aging can diminish penis size and ability to attain an erection, but even younger men can experience erectile dysfunction or simply wish to give their sexual performance a boost. Some men are also affected by Peyronie’s Disease, which causes an angled erection that may be painful or cause difficulties during sex. The P-Shot® addresses all these issues, so patients report multiple benefits including:

  • Increased arousal and sensation
  • Improved ability to achieve and maintain firmness during sex
  • Increased girth
  • Straighter erections

A Shot May Sound Scary, But It Is Not

The P-Shot® works because it introduces concentrated blood platelets into targeted areas to trigger your body’s own production of increased blood flow and tissue cells. Platelets contain growth factors which activate stem cells the key to healing anywhere in your body. The procedure is relatively simple, although it does require precise skill.

Dr. Hernandez applies a local anesthetic, then while that’s working she takes a small blood sample. By spinning the sample in a centrifuge, she is able to separate platelet-rich plasma from the other blood cells. She then uses a fine needle to strategically inject the plasma into the penis. The treatment is very safe, with no risk of adverse reaction because plasma is derived from your own blood.

The P-Shot® procedure itself offers distinct benefits, too:

  • It takes only about 20 minutes
  • There is no downtime
  • You can even resume sexual activity the same day

When Will You See Results?

Some men experience improvement almost immediately. However, it usually takes 2-3 months to achieve maximum results. This is because it takes time for the body to respond to the plasma and grow new cells and blood vessels. Results of the P-Shot® can last up to 18 months. It is safe to repeat the treatment as often as every 3 months depending on the symptoms being treated.

Frustrated No Longer

Sexual wellness matters to all of us. Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Hernandez to discuss your specific concerns and explore how the P-Shot® might help address them to give your confidence and your sex life a boost. 

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