Age, weight loss, and pregnancy take their toll on our bodies. Despite living a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating a balanced diet, you may feel self conscious about loose or sagging skin. You’re not alone! 

But, while loose, sagging skin is a common side effect, it doesn’t have to be a permanent one. Dr. Hernandez offers body contouring to patients of Eterna Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio. While not a surgical procedure itself, Body Contouring refers to a category of cosmetic surgery procedures that help lift, shape, and refine your body to achieve a more youthful, toned appearance.

Who is an ideal candidate for body contouring? 

You should be in generally good health and at your ideal weight (with the ability to maintain that weight) for body contouring procedures. If you are a smoker, you should be able to stop smoking for several weeks before and after your body contouring procedures in order to facilitate healing. 

It’s important to have realistic expectations before your body contouring procedures. Dr. Hernandez will discuss your goals and set expectations during your consultation. 

What are considered body contouring procedures? 

Breast Lift

Sagging breasts are common in women as we age. This is particularly true for those of us who have had children. During breast lift surgery, Dr, Hernandez removes excess skin and reshapes your breasts to enhance your curves.

Tummy Tuck

Losing weight or having children can cause significant stress to the skin around your abdomen. As a result, many women (and even men) are self conscious about their belly area. During a tummy tuck, Dr. Hernandez removes loose skin from your abdomen, restoring flattering curves around your middle. 

Lower Body Lift

For patients who have gone through pregnancy (often, multiple childbirths) or have lost extreme amounts of weight, a lower body lift can help address multiple areas of concern and restore a more youthful appearance. A lower body lift restores a flattering shape by removing excess skin on the abdomen, pubic area, lower back, flanks, outer thighs, and buttocks.

Arm Lift

Exercise and diet are tremendous ways to treat your body with love and respect. But sometimes after we’ve lost weight, we are still left with unflattering excess skin. Loose skin on the arms can be especially frustrating -- you deserve to get out there and enjoy wearing tank tops! An arm lift will remove excess skin around the upper arms and erase the “bat wing” phenomenon that causes so many people to hide under long sleeves. 

Thigh Lift

Loose skin around the thighs isn’t just frustrating cosmetically, it can cause friction (if you’ve ever suffered from dreaded “thigh burn,” you understand!), and even lead to skin infections. Dr. Hernandez performs thigh lifts to remove excess skin and restore a more balanced appearance to your legs. 

Buttock Lift

Sitting at a desk every day, losing weight, and simply getting older can all cause our buttocks to look older than they should. A buttock lift removes excess skin on and around your buttocks, then Dr. Hernandez reshapes the tissue of your buttocks to create more pleasing contours.


A trusted procedure that has been used for decades, Dr. Hernandez provides liposuction to remove excess fat across the body to create more pleasing curves and accentuate your body in all the right places. 

What next? 

Now that you understand the body contouring procedures offered by Dr. Hernandez to Eterna Cosmetic Surgery patients in San Antonio, it’s time to schedule your consultation. Meet with Dr. Hernandez, tell her your frustrations, and share your goals. Together, you will craft a plan that is designed to help you look and feel your best!