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Silhouette InstaLift, a minimally invasive facial-rejuvenation suture lift treatment, is a state-of-the-art alternative to a surgical facelift. This anti-aging treatment lifts sagging skin and reduces lines and wrinkles, making patients look more youthful. At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we offer treatment with Silhouette InstaLift in San Antonio.

What Is Silhouette InstaLift?

Silhouette InstaLift is an FDA-approved non-surgical facelift. Resorbable suspension sutures with bi-directional cones are injected into the skin, where they are then used to lift the tissues.

Silhouette InstaLift’s advanced Micro-Suspension Technology provides both immediate and long-term results. The bi-directional cones hold and elevate both the sutures and sub-dermis of the cheeks. The sutures also provide collagen stimulation, increasing facial volume.

This thread is made up of glycolide and L-lactide (PLGA) materials, which are easily accepted by the body and have no risk of rejection after treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Silhouette InstaLift?

Patients who are looking for an effective non-surgical anti-aging treatment and want to avoid dermal fillers can consider the Silhouette InstaLift. Patients with moderate facial sagging are good candidates for this minimally invasive facelift option.

Patients with thick, heavy, or very thin skin should consider alternative skin-rejuvenation treatments.

Your Consultation

During your Silhouette InstaLift suture suspension lift consultation, we will listen to your skin-rejuvenation goals and examine the concerned facial areas. We will also evaluate your medical history, including any allergies, past treatments, underlying medical conditions, and current medications.

Once we have determined that the Silhouette InstaLift procedure is right for you, we will create a personalized treatment plan to achieve your goals. We will explain the treatment process, including preparation and aftercare, as well as the estimated timeline of the results. Feel free to ask questions at any time.

The Treatment Session

The Silhouette InstaLift procedure can last around 45 minutes depending on the details of the treatment plan. Local anesthesia will be administered to prepare the patient for the procedure. This will numb the area against any pain or discomfort.

Next, the sutures will be inserted into targeted sites in the mid-facial areas according to the treatment plan. This will be achieved using precise injections. The threads will then be suspended to create incredibly natural-looking results.

The Recovery Process

The patient will need at least a day of recovery time after the procedure. Some of the potential side effects that the patient may experience include minor pain, swelling, and bruising. A soft or liquid diet and minimal facial movement will be recommended within the first week. Strenuous physical activities can be resumed after two to three weeks.

The patient can expect immediate results. Results will continue to develop over several months as new collagen protein is created at an advanced rate.

It is important that the patient follow a healthy lifestyle and proper skincare routine to help the results last longer. Maintenance every 18 months is highly recommended to reduce the effects of gravity, aging, and other external factors.

How Much Does a Silhouette InstaLift Cost?

The price of a Silhouette InstaLift procedure will vary depending on the treatment plan and goals of the patient. The total cost may also be affected by the number of sutures used during treatment.

Set Up a Consultation

For questions about treatment with Silhouette InstaLift in San Antonio, visit Eterna Cosmetic Surgery. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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