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As we get older, time, weight loss or gain, sun, wind, and other factors take their toll on our bodies. The resulting impacts on our appearance can be frustrating at a minimum and can lead to depression and confidence issues in many patients.

Well-intentioned family and friends may chalk up our dissatisfaction with elements of our appearance as “just part of getting older.”

sensual_sensuality_woman_redAt Eterna Cosmetic surgery, we offer the most innovative treatments available for skin tightening and fat reduction for the face and body.

We were the first practice in San Antonio, Texas to start offering BodyTite Pro, FaceTite, EmbraceRF, and Morpheus8. As a result, we are the leading provider in San Antonio with copious amounts of experience and expertise with these cutting-edge treatments.

Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez leads Eterna Cosmetic Surgery in our San Antonio offices, providing a range of skin tightening and body contouring services to help patients restore confidence and create a youthful, desirable appearance.

Our patients are thrilled with their range of options and results, and rave about the Dr. Hernandez’s caring, concerned bedside manner. She is proud to take the time to really listen to patients. Because she truly gets to know her patients and their goals, Dr. Hernandez is able to fully evaluate the patient’s needs and craft custom recommendations to specifically address their goals and help meet their expectations.

To better understand skin tightening and body contouring services available to Eterna Cosmetic Surgery patients in San Antonio, this resource serves as a comprehensive guide. Continue reading or use the links below to skip to your desired treatment or body area to learn more about the skin tightening and body contouring services that can address your specific goal or need.

Skin Tightening & Body Contouring Services

Skin tightening and body contouring services are similar, but different when examining services that treat the face versus the rest of the body. This guide will detail the following procedures for both the face and the rest of the body:


  1. FaceTite
  2. Face Contouring
  3. CoolMini
  4. Morpheus8
  5. EmbraceRF


  1. Body Contouring
  2. Tummy Tuck
  3. Liposuction
  4. BodyTite
  5. CoolSculpting
  6. Morpheus8

Face Tightening and Contouring

As we get older, the skin on our faces is affected by weight loss or gain, sun exposure, genetics, the foods we eat...it may feel like everything we do has an impact on our faces. And that feeling isn’t too far off!

Some of the most common complaints heard by at her offices for Eterna Cosmetic surgery include:

  • Loose or thin skin on the face
  • Wrinkles, saggy skin, sun damage spots, or loss of volume across the face
  • Double chin or loose skin on the neck, including jowls
  • Acne scars
  • Nose contour imperfections
  • Large pores and skin texture
  • And more

With so many products available over the counter today, many patients have exhausted their options (and spent a fashion-3080644_640significant amount of money in the process) trying OTC treatments first, including creams, massage devices, and facial exercises. Sadly, at best some of these treatments may mask the problem. But they most often do nothing to actually correct what’s causing you stress, lack of confidence, or frustration.

As we age, we tend to lose fat in our faces and get thinner skin. Combined, these aging effects can cause the sagging, loose appearance that many people feel makes them “look old.” With any face tightening or contouring procedure, Dr. Hernandez aims to preserve or mold the fat as we firm the skin by stimulating collagen production.  

At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Hernandez offers the following services to address these and other complaints:

  1. FaceTite
  2. Face Contouring
  3. CoolMini
  4. Morpheus8
  5. EmbraceRF


Even 10 years ago, tightening loose skin on the face meant anesthesia, large scars, and massive downtime. You truly had to sacrifice to look your best. Potential complications were a scary reminder just how invasive surgery could be. FaceTite is a non-invasive alternative to surgery that gets tremendous results.

Patients in their 40s and 50s tend to see the best results, before skin becomes too loose and thin for these options.


model-2303361_640FaceTite can be used to treat stubborn fat and sagging skin of the face and neck. Dr. Hernandez can help patients with common concerns such as a double chin, loose jaw line, and other areas with deep wrinkles and folds or loose skin.

A face lift requires invasive surgery and some patience during the recovery and healing process. After a face lift, there will also be a scar, though it could typically be hidden within your hairline when performed correctly.

With FaceTite, small needle punctures are used and hidden well within the folds of the skin. Once you’ve healed, there will be no visible scarring. Keeping the incisions clean and dry for several days post procedure helps ensure your skin heals optimally.

FaceTite does not require surgery and is designed to be scar-free. This non-surgical approach to facial contouring also means little to no recovery time.


FaceTite is known for providing patients with immediate results. Your skin will appear firmer, and you should notice a slimming effect where stubborn fat was removed. The best results typically occur about 6-12 weeks after your FaceTite treatment with Dr. Hernandez.

Face Contouring

Facial contouring is a term that is used to describe procedures that change part of your face (in shape and size). While changes with face contouring are often subtle, they can also be quite dramatic depending on the specific patient and his or her need.

At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, many of Dr. Hernandez’s patients do not want to dramatically change their appearances, but to enhance them so that people focus on how great they look instead of the changes that have been made.

Facial contouring procedures offered by Eterna Cosmetic Surgery include:

Nasal Contouring / Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Our noses are prominently featured on our faces, so any bumps, crookedness or sagging can make us self conscious. While surgery has traditionally been one of the most common ways to fix these issues, advancements have made it possible to correct these issues without surgery.


Non-surgery rhinoplasty is a surgery-free option that uses fillers to contour the nose and achieve your desired look. At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we use high-quality products like Juvéderm Voluma® and sometimes botulinum toxin to restore a more symmetric look to your nose.

Using controlled and precise injections, Eterna Cosmetic Surgery can make the nose look more proportional and smaller in the facial frame.

Injections are also a non-surgical option for patients who wish to correct a droopy tip of the nose (caused by an overactive depressor septi muscle). BOTOX® can be injected in between the nostrils on the under-surface of the nose to release this muscle and create a more upturned nose.

These options; however, cannot make a bridge smaller or create a gentle, feminine curve in the bridge that many women desire. While this creates a straighter nose it does not make it smaller. In those instances, surgical rhinoplasty is likely your best option.


Results from nasal contouring last up to two (2) years, and the procedure can be performed at that interval to maintain results.


Every facial expression we make eventually adds up to the formation of dynamic lines and wrinkles on our faces. Crow’s feet and frown lines are two of the most common problems we faced from repeated facial expressions.


girl-1467820_640Botox is one of the most popular and effective ways for men and women to stave off the early effects of aging. Botox, or botulinum toxin, injections relax the facial muscles and soften wrinkle-causing facial expressions.

When you are a patient of Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Hernandez will meet with you to discuss your frustrations and goals. She’ll examine your skin carefully and create a custom game plan to address your concerns. Her experienced and artistic approach to injectable botulinum toxin treatments allows Dr. Hernandez to provide patients with the younger look they want without appearing overdone or unnatural.


Results from Botox typically from three to nine months. Once the lines and wrinkles begin to reappear, Dr. Hernandez can perform maintenance treatments to help you feel confident and happy with your look throughout life.

There are typically no restrictions in activity following Botox treatment. Minor bruising or soreness may occur but typically fades within 24 to 48 hours.

Most patients begin noticing results within the first week after treatment and see continued improvement in the first few weeks.


Injectable fillers help restore a youthful look by filling and smoothing away wrinkles or signs of aging. Fillers are used to restore volume and reshape youthful contours of the face.


Dr. Hernandez and Eterna Cosmetic Surgery offer the following fillers in San Antonio:

Juvéderm® Ultra and Ultra Plus

Formulated with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, Juvéderm can help to improve the appearance of parentheses (nasolabial folds) that develop around the corners of the nose and mouth.

Juvéderm Voluma

Like Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus, Voluma is formulated using hyaluronic acid. Voluma is a volumizing filler that is often used to restore lost volume to the cheeks. This achieves a natural-looking fullness and can even provide a subtle lift.

Liquid Facelift

Dr. Hernandez takes a unique approach to each patient and will discuss your specific goals and frustrations during your consultation. From there, she can craft a custom combination of fillers to provide you with your desired results.

With an extensive history of delivering exceptional results to patients, Dr. Hernandez takes an artistic and scientific approach to help you reach your goals. She helps patients achieving striking results that include a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Lip Augmentation

Fillers are an excellent solution for thinning lips that does not require surgery. It is important to choose a trusted provider like Dr. Hernandez to help you reach your goals and desired appearance.


Depending on the specific fillers used, results may last anywhere from three months to two years. Regular consultations with Dr. Hernandez can ensure your results are maintained and refreshed to help you continuously achieve your desired look.


Moderate to severe acne scars can make you highly self-conscious, years after you suffered from acne! Luckily, acne scars can be treated without surgery.


Creams and makeup aren’t actual treatments for your acne scars. And although many patients try and use them for years, they don’t actually get any results. In fact, in many instances makeup can worsen the appearance of acne scars!

BellaFill is an injectable filler solution that adds volume to wrinkles and scars and can significantly smooth out your skin. This safe and effective treatment produces almost instant results, allowing you to feel confident and no longer feel the need to cover your face.


BellaFill is different from other fillers, as it is designed to create long-lasting improvements that last up to 5 years. Results are seen almost instantly.


Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that fills in thin eyebrow areas to make them look fuller.


beautiful-1844729_640During microblading, an esthetician uses a microblade tool to apply color pigments that look like real hairs. The color effect will fade over time, so touch-ups may be necessary to maintain the desired look.

While microblading offers defined and natural-looking eyebrows, the process typically takes some time to perfect.


Unlike a traditional tattoo, which is permanent, the coloring from microblading may last for up to 3 years. This is because microblading uses different tools and a smaller amount of pigment.

Microneedling and PRP

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. Collagen is a structural protein that keeps your skin looking firm, smooth, and young. As we get older, our body produces less collagen, affecting our appearance.


Microneedling is performed using a device called a SkinPen. The tip of the SkinPen contains 14 tiny needles to puncture the skin and stimulate the deepest layers of your skin to create more collagen and elastin. Don’t worry - a numbing cream is applied before the procedure to eliminate pain (some patients may feel very mild discomfort in some areas).

Microneedling improves fine lines, wrinkles, rough texture, large pores, sun damage spots, and acne scars.

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, has been used to activate the healing of the body in traditional surgeries for many years. In cosmetic procedures, PRP involves removing some of the patient’s blood, then stimulating the blood to increase the production of additional platelets.

When the PRP is reintroduced into the patient’s body, the platelets go to work, leading to increased production of collagen, elastin, and other appearance-promoting elements.

It’s important to share a warning at this point, as we meet many patients who have tried home microneedling devices. These devices are best used by trained experts like Dr. Hernandez. When improperly used, these devices can cause infections or scarring that can be very serious.

Here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we only use sterile treatments and devices that are FDA approved, and operated by consummate professionals with significant training.


Because PRP is rich in growth factors and nutrients that skin cells thrive on, patients often notice better results more quickly than with microneedling alone. Individually, microneedling and PRP are effective. Together, they are especially transformative.

Patients who are considering microneedling often get very fast results. Patients meet with Dr. Hernandez or a member of the Eterna Cosmetic Surgery team to discuss specifically how microneedling with PRP can make an impact.

Redness will begin to diminish within hours of treatment and is often difficult to notice at all within 24 hours.


Double chins are never flattering, and are a frequent frustration shared with Dr. Hernandez and the team at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery. Double chins cannot be treated by exercising or watching what you eat. Even after losing weight, double chins most frequently remain as a painful reminder of the past.

Patients often feel frustrated and hopeless, until they come into our San Antonio office and learn about CoolMini!


beauty-1721069_640CoolMini is a non-surgical fat-freezing treatment that can help turn an unflattering double chin into a beautiful frame for the face. With no surgery or downtime, the CoolMini treatment by CoolSculpting® is a popular treatment at Dr. Hernandez’s San Antonio cosmetic practice.

CoolMini uses CoolSculpting technology to specifically treat smaller problem areas like the chin. The secret to CoolMini is cryolipolysis—a process in which a deep-cooling is administered to the underlying fat cells. This causes them to freeze, crystallize, and eventually be naturally flushed from your body.

Freezing fat scales may sound intimidating, but one of the most important benefits of CoolMini is that the surrounding skin and tissue are left unharmed. This means CoolMini treatments are quick, efficient, and ensure no downtime for patients.  

A CoolMini treatment with Dr. Hernandez is typically performed in under an hour. In most cases, patients can immediately return to their daily activities with only minor, temporary soreness. Dr. Hernandez will work with you to craft a custom plan for addressing your concerns. This may include multiple CoolMini treatments in order to achieve the best possible outcome.


Many patients begin noticing results from CoolMini within one to two months after their initial treatment. Results will increase as more fat cells are flushed from the body.

Once fat cells are flushed, they do not return. Results are permanent; however, Dr. Hernandez recommends following a healthy diet and exercise plan to avoid gaining excess fat in the future.  


Fine lines, jowls, and acne scars are common complaints from patients who visit Eterna Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio. We are proud to be the first practice in San Antonio, Texas to start offering Morpheus8. As a result, we bring copious amounts of experience and expertise and provide the utmost care to patients with this cutting-edge treatment.


Morpheus8 is a noninvasive skin resurfacing treatment provided by Eterna Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio to turn back the clock on your appearance with minimal to no downtime. This fractional radiofrequency (RF) skin rejuvenation treatment safely and dramatically improves the appearance of your skin. Morpheus8 uses a combination of microneedling and localized heat to boost your body’s production of collagen and elastin and instantly improve your skin’s texture and tone. Using double the needles of standard microneedling, Morpheus8 adjusts penetration of the needles from 1mm to up to 4mm to deliver radiofrequency energy, molding fat into the desired contour and significantly firming the skin.

Collagen and elastin are critical proteins that decrease as we age, resulting in an “older” appearance that is less-than-desirable for many patients. Your Morpheus8 treatment is highly personalized by Dr. Hernandez based on your specific needs and goals.

Morpheus8 delivers outstanding results as a standalone treatment; however, Dr. Hernandez most often recommends Morpheus8 treatment as part of her EmbraceRF treatment.   EmbraceRF is a procedure in which FaceTite is performed to firm the skin on the lower part of the face and neck, which minimizes jowls and defines the jawline and neck. Then, Morpheus8 is performed on these same areas to firm the skin and mold the fat.


Patients will see noticeable results immediately following Morpheus8 treatment; however, maximum results typically come within three months following treatment, as the skin begins to produce more collagen and elastin.


When our faces have a tighter, smoother, and youthful appearance, we feel more confident. EmbraceRF is a cutting-edge, non-invasive alternative to facelift or neck lift surgery that gets tremendous results for Eterna Cosmetic Surgery patients in San Antonio. EmbraceRF improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, and sun damage to create a more youthful look for San Antonio patients.


EmbraceRF is a two-step procedure in which FaceTite is performed on the lower face and neck, and during the same treatment, Morpheus8 is subsequently performed on the previously treated area.

FaceTite is performed first, utilizing radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis to simultaneously dissolve fat and tighten the skin. Then, Morpheus8 uses advanced microneedling technology with 24 needles to deliver radiofrequency energy below the skin to further tighten the skin and mold any fat for a desirable appearance.

This cutting-edge treatment provides the most impressive skin tightening results Dr. Hernandez has seen, most certainly better results than any other technology on the market.

The only other way to achieve such significant results is with face lift and/or neck lift surgery.

Patients who are not ready for a face lift or neck lift can frequently get significant firming and lifting of the skin and tissues in the lower face and neck with EmbraceRF, rather than invasive surgery.


EmbraceRF results are permanent, and are most frequently achieved during one treatment. Immediately following treatment, your skin will appear firmer and you should notice a slimming effect where stubborn fat was removed from under the chin during FaceTite.

Results will continue to improve after treatment, with maximum results typically occurring about 12 weeks after your treatment with Dr. Hernandez in San Antonio.

Body Contouring and Fat Reduction Treatments

Over the years, many of us become unhappy with the appearance of various parts of the body. Aging, weight fluctuations, and poor diet or lack of exercise can have a negative impact on the firmness and appearance of skin across the body.

Most commonly, many patients are suffering from excess fat and skin on the abdomen, waist, flanks, back, and arms. We also treat the inner and outer thighs, mons pubis area, and hips.

Other areas that can be treated are the breasts and knees for skin tightening. In fact, with the latest technical and medical advancements, we can firm the skin on the entire face and body.

Dr. Hernandez has been administering body contouring treatments to patients across San Antonio and beyond for 9 years. Body contouring treatments offered at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery are designed to reduce excess skin and restore a youthful and natural shape across the body.

  1. Body Contouring
  2. Tummy Tuck
  3. Liposuction
  4. BodyTite
  5. CoolSculpting
  6. Morpheus8

Body Contouring

A healthy diet and exercise can keep you in shape, but aging and weight fluctuation can still cause frustrating sagging and drooping due to a loss of skin elasticity.

In contouring the body, most people need significant fat reduction in addition to the skin tightening to achieve beautiful contours. Body contouring procedures are designed to reduce excess skin and restore a youthful and natural shape.

Body contouring treatments offered by Eterna Cosmetic Surgery include:

Arm Lift

Sagging excess skin along the upper arms can develop with age and is also common following a significant drop in weight.


During an arm lift, Dr. Hernandez removes loose skin along the arms and creates a naturally toned and youthful appearance of the arms.


No more hiding beneath long-sleeve tops or feeling too shy to wave hello! Results from an arm lift can be seen almost immediately and are permanent. Dr. Hernandez recommends following a healthy diet and exercise program to avoid gaining excess fat, which could tax the skin down the road.

Lower Body Lift

A lower body lift is recommended for men and women who have lost a significant amount of weight and are now struggling with large areas of loose skin across their bodies.


A lower body lift removes loose skin along the lower body, including the abdomen, lower back, flanks, and buttocks.


Results from a lower body lift can be seen almost immediately and are permanent. Dr. Hernandez recommends following a healthy diet and exercise program to avoid gaining excess fat, which could tax the skin down the road.

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is recommended for men and women who have loose, sagging skin on the thighs, most commonly due to age and weight loss.


Thigh lifts are performed to remove excess skin on the inner and outer thighs to remove excess skin and restore a smooth, youthful appearance.


The results of a thigh lift are visible almost immediately, although it may take several months for the final results to fully develop. Results are permanent; however, Dr. Hernandez recommends following a healthy diet and exercise program to avoid gaining excess fat, which could tax the skin down the road.

Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a popular procedure for women who wish to improve the shape and size of their backsides.


The Brazilian Butt Lift uses liposuction to harvest and prepare fat cells from unwanted trouble spots (such as the back or belly) and uses this fat to enhance the shape of the bottom for a naturally fuller appearance.


Results are seen almost immediately and are permanent. To maintain the look and shape of the buttocks, Dr. Hernandez recommends following a healthy diet and exercise program.

Tummy Tuck

belly-black-and-white-black-and-white-42069The tummy tuck is a procedure used most often for mothers or those who have a lost a significant amount of weight around their middles. Excess skin around the stomach makes it difficult to wear form-fitting clothes or bikinis, and can also cause irritation and even infection.

Tummy tucks remove the excess skin around the stomach to patients “feel like themselves again.”


There are two tummy tuck variations offered by Dr. Hernandez: The full or mini tummy tuck. A mini tummy tuck is best for men and women with smaller amounts of excess abdominal skin, located primarily below the belly button.

A full, or traditional, tummy tuck provides the best outcome for patients with larger amounts of sagging skin and/or outstretched abdominal muscles.

During a full tummy tuck, Dr. Hernandez makes a horizontal incision a few inches below the belly button. This location is strategically chosen so that scarring can be easily hidden beneath a bikini or pair of underwear (even a sexy piece of lingerie).

Through the incision location, Dr. Hernandez removes excess tissue and carefully trims away excess skin. Often, the underlying muscles are cinched together to create a tight, strong foundation.

If you have small amounts of stubborn abdominal fat, Dr. Hernandez can remove it during a tummy tuck procedure with liposuction. Once the desired shape is achieved, the skin is pulled tight and incisions are closed.

Dr. Hernandez uses TissuGlu to help make the healing process easier on her tummy tuck patients. The TissuGlu surgical adhesive is used to bond tissue layers together following a tummy tuck surgery, reducing space between the layers of skin and tissue where fluid would often collect.

For patients, this means no need for surgical drains and an overall speedier recovery process. Patients can get back to their normal routines much more quickly.


Once the skin and excess tissue are removed, the results are permanent. To prevent further fat deposits resulting in newly excess skin, Dr. Hernandez recommends following a healthy diet and exercise program.


Liposuction has been one of the most popular and effective fat reduction treatments for decades. This proven procedure removes stubborn fat deposits from locations that are unable to be effected through diet and exercise.

An excellent option for patients who live a healthy lifestyle, yet are still frustrated by stubborn fat, liposuction is an excellent option for patients who wish to remove love handles or a belly pooch, among other frustrations.

This fat reduction surgery is best for patients who are close to or at their ideal weight but are struggling to attain the well-toned and well-defined look they desire. It is not to be used as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle or a solution to obesity.


Despite our best efforts in the gym and through diet, adult-1869791_1920stubborn fat deposits remain. Subcutaneous fat causes those frustrating spots, as it cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise.

Liposuction removes these stubborn fat cells that are holding you back from achieving your aesthetic goals. Dr. Hernandez will use liposuction to artfully sculpt the contours of your face or body, resulting in a naturally slimmer appearance.

During liposuction surgery, Dr. Hernandez makes a small incision in the skin near the area of unwanted fat. A thin tube (cannula) attached to a surgical vacuum is inserted through the incision into the underlying fat.

The cannula is then carefully maneuvered around the fat to break apart fat cells and permanently remove them from the body.


When performed by a professional cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Hernandez, liposuction can accomplish an even, well-balanced reduction of fat that will look as though it had been lost through natural means alone.

Results are visible once initial swelling from the procedure dissipates. Fat is permanently removed through liposuction, although Dr. Hernandez recommends following a healthy diet and exercise program to avoid new, unwanted fat from forming.


We all want to appear fit and youthful, but as we get older, pouches of fat tend to deposit themselves in the least appropriate places. Skin starts to sag a bit. This is fixable.

If you are starting to see some changes in your face or feeling frustrated with some problem spots across your body Minimally invasive skin tightening and fat reduction through a procedure like BodyTite works best when you proactively seek treatment. Patients in their 40s and 50s tend to see the best results before skin becomes too loose and thin for these options.


BodyTite heats the target area using precision radiofrequency energy to melt stubborn fat cells beneath the skin while a thin tube (cannula) gently removes it from the body. This radiofrequency heating also stimulates a natural skin tightening response from your body, leaving you with a slimmer, natural-looking contour.

With BodyTite, small needle punctures are used and hidden well within the folds of the skin. Once you’ve healed, there will be no visible scarring. Keeping the incisions clean and dry for several days post procedure helps ensure your skin heals optimally.

BodyTite can help improve the appearance of just about any spot where you are struggling with excess fat deposits. In particular, many patients request BodyTite in areas like the stomach, arms, chest, knees, thighs (inner and outer), and the hips (including “love handles” and “muffin tops”). Unlike traditional surgery, multiple areas can be treated in one session (with each area taking about 15 minutes).


Once your treatment is complete, you will notice an instant change in the shape and firmness of the treated area. Results will continue to improve with the most significant outcome at about 3-6 months.


underwear-689862_640CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that is increasingly popular with patients. It can remove stubborn, unwanted fat patients are unable to eradicate through diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting is ideal for men and women within 30 pounds of their ideal weight, but struggling with specific problem areas. These areas may include a belly pooch (pot belly), love handles, or a muffin top. CoolSculpting can be effectively used to reduce fat around the abdomen, flanks, or thighs.


The fat-freezing technology behind CoolSculpting is known as cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis causes underlying fat cells to freeze and crystallize (or die) without harming the surrounding skin or tissue. Your body then recognizes these dead fat cells and naturally flushes them from your body over time, resulting in a gradual slimming of the treated area.

During the CoolSculpting procedure, Dr. Hernandez carefully places a fold of skin with unwanted fat within the curved, CoolSculpting arm. Once it has been placed properly, the device administers a deep-cooling treatment to the area. This causes the underlying fat cells to freeze. Dr. Hernandez will repeat this step across the full treatment site to ensure well-balanced results.

CoolSculpting is administered without a single incision.


There is no downtime after CoolSculpting treatment, and patients are able to immediately return to their normal activities. Most patients begin seeing results in approximately three weeks as their bodies begin flushing the dead fat cells.

Depending on each patient’s unique situation, Dr. Hernandez may recommend multiple CoolSculpting treatments to achieve the desired result.

Morpheus8 for the Body

As we age, our skin produces fewer amounts of collagen and elastin, critical proteins that give our skin a youthful appearance. The result is often loose, sagging skin, and an “older” appearance. Eterna Cosmetic Surgery is proud to be the first practice in San Antonio, Texas to offer Morpheus8. This cutting-edge treatment is providing outstanding results for patients seeking firmer skin with an improved appearance across their bodies.


Morpheus8 is a unique, fractional radiofrequency (RF) skin rejuvenation treatment that safely and dramatically improves the appearance of your skin using a combination of microneedling and localized heat. Morpheus8 treatment will naturally boost your body’s production of collagen and elastin to improve your skin’s texture and tone.

Morpheus8 can be used for treatment across the body to improve the look and feel of your skin. Many patients choose to combine Morpheus8 with BodyTite treatment to achieve even greater results in common problem areas including the stomach, arms, chest, knees, inner/outer thighs, and the hips (specifically, to treat love handles/muffin top).

The advanced technology used during Morpheus8 treatment includes radiofrequency microneedling with 24 needles -- nearly double that of traditional microneedling -- that will be customized to achieve the desired level of penetration to maximize your results. The needles will mold fat into the desired contour, significantly firming the skin.


Patients will see noticeable results immediately following Morpheus8 treatment; however, maximum results typically come within three months following treatment, as the skin begins to produce more collagen and elastin.


Dr. Hernandez has carefully researched, trained, and applied the above treatments to patients for 9 years in our San Antonio offices of Eterna Cosmetic Surgery. Many times, patients visiting our offices have received treatments or have undergone procedures with other practitioners or doctors and are unhappy with results.

Still, more patients have tried exercises, creams, massage, and other OTC treatments and are mentally and physically exhausted and frustrated.

Dr. Hernandez has the utmost compassion for these patients. It can be emotionally trying to go through the time, cost, and experience of a surgical or other procedure -- or to invest time and hope into OTC treatments -- only to be faced with less-than-desirable results.

If you are plagued with face or body concerns that leave you frustrated or have taken a toll on your self-confidence, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a consultation with Dr. Hernandez. She cares about your concerns and your goals. She’ll answer your questions, assess your situation and provide you with recommendations tailored to your specific situation and expectations to help you achieve your desired results.

And Dr. Hernandez is proud to offer such a wide range of cutting-edge treatments, many non-invasive, that nearly everyone is a good candidate. If you are hesitant and have concerns about your own candidacy for one or more of the procedures documented above, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a consultation. In many instances, we can address your concerns with minimally-invasive, low-risk treatments.  

We are here to help you feel and look your best.

We are here to help you reach your goals.

Contact Dr. Hernandez and Eterna Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.

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