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What is non-surgical feminine rejuvenation? And what are the options?

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June 30, 2022

Thanks to modern medicine, women no longer have to resign themselves to unwelcome changes to their most intimate body area. Non-surgical feminine rejuvenation procedures can boost sexual health, restore a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the genital area, and even help improve symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.

Symptoms differ, but the frustration does not

Vaginal births, significant weight changes, the aging process and the genetics you’re born with can all cause labia minora to become enlarged, with excess saggy or wrinkled skin and, sometimes, fat. Many women also suffer from decreased libido or sexual enjoyment, uncomfortable (even painful) intercourse, and stress or urge urinary incontinence. Our Eterna Cosmetic Surgery patients often tell us they have lost confidence because they feel self-conscious.

In some women, the labia minora become so stretched they extend beyond the labia majora. This causes visible bulging under clingy clothing such as yoga pants, and uncomfortable irritation when exercising, especially during activities such as riding a bike or horseback riding.  

You could undergo surgery

Surgical Labiaplasty removes excess skin and fat in the labia minora, restoring a smoother, more compact vaginal appearance. But it is full-on, invasive surgery. As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez does recommend surgery in certain cases where patients have very large labia or severe excess skin.

However, for most women she prefers non-surgical alternatives because they can produce highly effective results without the risks, pain, extensive time commitment, and scars of surgery. 

In keeping with Dr. Hernandez’s dedication to bringing the latest technology and techniques to her San Antonio patients, Eterna Cosmetic Surgery offers two non-surgical feminine rejuvenation options.

AVIVA FemTite Scarless Labiaplasty

This is a minimally-invasive in-office procedure. It that takes less than an hour, yet produces transformative, permanent results. Instead of making incisions and cutting away excess tissue, Dr. Hernandez uses FemTite’s specialized radiofrequency technology to shrink excess internal tissue and tighten surface skin. FemTite requires only local anesthesia and tiny puncture incisions to perform the procedure.

AVIVA FemTite Scarless Labiaplasty is simple and safe, in the hands of someone with Dr. Hernandez’s skill. Only 2 or 3 days of post-procedure downtime is needed, and patients typically see and feel full results within 6 months.

The O-Shot®

Don’t let the thought of getting an injection in your vagina stop you from learning more about this impressive new feminine rejuvenation option. For one thing, patients say it really works. Even more important, our Dr. Hernandez has the knowledge and skill to offer this precise treatment, because she trained on it under Dr. Charles Runnels, the surgeon who invented the O-Shot®.

This treatment works by stimulating regeneration of vaginal tissue and blood flow, using injections of platelet-rich plasma derived from each patient’s own blood. After condensing the plasma, Dr. Hernandez injects it once into the clitoris and once near the G-Spot. (Yes, she numbs the area first!) The entire in-office procedure takes only a half-hour.  

The O-Shot® can help boost libido, clitoral stimulation, ability to orgasm and orgasm strength, reduce discomfort or pain during sex and also address stress urinary incontinence and over-active bladder. Oh, and it also renews external appearance.

Combination treatments can enhance results

While either AVIVA FemTite Scarless Labiaplasty or the O-Shot® can provide powerful results on their own, they can also be combined. They can also be used in conjunction with other skin rejuvenation treatments such as Morpheus8. Because many women have multiple feminine rejuvenation concerns, combining treatment options allows Dr. Hernandez to individually tailor a treatment plan for each patient.

Ladies, it’s time to talk!

Schedule a woman-to-woman consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez now, and get ready to experience the joy of feminine rejuvenation.

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