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What is non-surgical nose contouring?

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June 30, 2022

Did you know that we can modify the shape or size of your nose without rhinoplasty surgery? Many people don’t yet know about the “liquid nose job” option, and we think they should because it might just be the answer to your wish for a different-looking nose. The secret to non-surgical nose contouring is dermal filler – similar to how we use liquid products to re-plump cheeks and reduce lines and wrinkles. 

Though still not well known, this procedure offers a distinctly different alternative that excites patients when we explain how it works. We want our patients to be aware of all the options available to them when it comes to achieving the results they want. This is one reason we sometimes mention other types of cosmetic enhancement treatments we offer when patients consult with Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez or one of our team members about a specific service. 

Non-surgical nose contouring isn’t for everyone

Traditional rhinoplasty surgery is essential if you’re looking to make major structural or functional alterations to your nose. But more modest changes often do not require surgical alteration of bone or cartilage inside the nose. And that’s where non-surgical contouring comes in. Rhinoplasty surgeons also sometimes use dermal fillers to add finishing touches to major surgery.

How does it work?

To perform nasal contouring, we inject specific types of dermal filler into the target area. We can:

  • Raise a flat bridge
  • Make a slightly asymmetrical nose appear straighter or more balanced
  • Lift the tip
  • Fill depressions or hollows
  • Modify the overall shape

Older types of fillers were too soft and felt mushy on the nose. Within the past few years, however, thick fillers such as Juvederm Voluma and Bellafill have become available. These thicker fillers hold their shape and feel firm (like bone) on the nose. Voluma is also longer-lasting than many other hyaluronic acid fillers. For patients who decide they like the look that dermal fillers provide for their nose, Dr. Hernandez offers the option to switch to Bellafill, another type of collagen filler that lasts 5 years.

Non-surgical nose contouring offers many advantages  

  • It is a simple, quick solution that gives immediate results and requires virtually no downtime, instead of having to undergo the pain and time commitment of invasive surgery.
  • There are no scars.
  • It is highly customizable, so we can make small corrections that might not warrant surgery, but which can make noticeable visual improvement.
  • It is far less expensive (although the cost difference can lessen over time due to ongoing need for renewal injections).
  • Results are temporary, so patients can decide if results are as desired or not, without worrying about revision surgery. If so, the new look can easily be maintained with periodic refresher injections or the patient may eventually decide to have permanent surgery. If results are not quite right, we can make further changes. Or the patient can change their mind and allow the nose to revert to its original appearance, either by discontinuing injections or by deliberately dissolving the gel.
  • Temporary results also allow us to make incremental changes that match the changes to a patient’s face that occur naturally over time.

Learn more about non-surgical nose contouring

We want our Eterna patients to have all the information available about cosmetic enhancement options. Scheduling a one-on-one consultation is the best way to get all your questions answered, including the most important one – is non-surgical nose contouring right for me?

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