Hand Rejuvenation

Non-Surgical Solutions for Beautiful Hands

A person’s hands can easily give away his or her age–despite a youthful face and otherwise lively appearance. While the hands are often one of the first areas to show signs of aging, the solutions available for treating  problems such as a thinning appearance, dark spots, or a rough feel of the hands are quite simple and often require no surgery.

Dr. Hernandez offers the following non-surgical treatments for restoring the look and feel of healthy, naturally youthful hands.

Reduce a Veiny or Bony Appearance with Fillers

Over time, the hands begin to lose essential volume and fat, resulting in a veiny or bony appearance. Dr. Hernandez uses fillers to replenish volume on the backs of the hands, filling in hollow areas and creating a smooth, natural-looking fullness. Patients can enjoy immediate results with this filler treatment and experience very little downtime.

Restore Soft, Touchable Hands with Professional Skincare

Professional grade skincare products are a great way to maintain a healthy and youthful look and feel for your hands. Dr. Hernandez can help recommend specific products that can be added to your at-home skincare routine to maintain soft, beautiful hands. We offer a wide selection of moisturizers, sun protection, and more from the popular skincare brands, SkinMedica® and PCA Skin®.

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