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How Fat Transfer Can Enhance Your Buttocks

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June 30, 2022

There are lots of reasons you might want a better-looking backside. You could choose to get a surgical buttock augmentation, also called gluteoplasty. That allows for removal of excess skin, as well as re-shaping. But most people don’t want surgery. That’s why buttock augmentation with fat transfer is so popular with all ages and genders. It even has a popular name: Brazilian Buttock Lift.

Many people don’t realize that a Brazilian Butt Lift is achieved using fat transfer. This is a highly effective, individualized procedure that is far less invasive than traditional surgery and all-natural because it uses fat from your own body.

It Sounds Simple, but It Requires Skill

To perform a fat transfer buttock augmentation, Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez uses advanced VASER liposuction to harvest fat from one area where there is excess, then strategically insert it into the buttock area to achieve the desired volume and shape and smoothly contoured surface.

As long as you have enough fat to spare somewhere (typically the abdomen, thighs or flanks) – and you’re in good health overall and at a stable weight — you are very likely a good candidate for this procedure.

So, What Can Fat Transfer Do for Your Buttocks?

Weight loss (or gain) and the aging process can change your buttocks so you look saggy instead of youthfully firm and lifted. Some people have naturally flatter buttocks that cause clothing fit poorly and, to some eyes at least, don’t match current preferences for well-rounded, plentiful buttocks. There’s nothing wrong with a flat bottom, unless it bothers you.

For some patients, augmentation is the primary goal. You simply want to change the size or shape of your buttocks, or make them look better-balanced, to create a rear view that you think is more appealing. Well, why not?

So, fat transfer can help you:

  • Turn back the clock, with fuller, firmer, more lifted shaping that rejuvenate your appearance from all angles
  • Enhance what Mother Nature provided, with added volume and re-shaped contouring  
  • Correct specific problems that are bothering you

Hip dips, for example

Dr. Hernandez tells us that some patients desire to minimize or completely eliminate hip dips – the indentations on each side of your hips between the hip bone and the very top of your leg. Hip dips have nothing to do with your weight or fitness, they are simply a reflection of your underlying anatomy that is more noticeable in some people. Adding fat to this area creates a smoother silhouette that can improve the overall appearance of your buttocks.

And cellulite

We do not use fat transfer to address cellulite. However, many patients who are interested in giving their buttocks a new appearance are concerned that unsightly cellulite will mar that new appearance. If that’s you, Dr. Hernandez may recommend adding Cellfina® treatment to your fat transfer buttock augmentation.

Bellafill® Injections Offer Another Alternative

Although fat transfer is far less onerous than fully invasive surgery, it does require Dr. Hernandez to make a few very small incisions, and it requires a short period of downtime for recovery. For patients who want to forego that but still achieve noticeable change to the size, shape and smoothness of their buttocks, Dr. Hernandez often recommends Bellafill® injections.

Bellafill® is an FDA-approved filler that adds volume for immediately visible results and also stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen for ongoing improvement. Results last up to 5 years.

Learn more about fat transfer and how it can help boost your buttocks, by scheduling a personal consultation with Dr. Hernandez.

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