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How to Shape Your Butt: Fat, Fillers or Implants?

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June 30, 2022

A shapelier backside can do wonders for your self-esteem, not to mention the fit of your clothes and swimwear. You exercise, of course, and try to eat right, but sometimes that’s not enough to keep your booty looking its best. Besides, you may want to re-shape your buttocks to look more lifted, rounder, smoother or symmetrical.

We can help with that! At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we offer multiple ways to shape your buttocks.

Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift)

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the best option, says Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez. In this procedure, she uses liposuction to remove excess fat from one part of the body (typically the abdomen, flanks, or thighs) and then injects the fat cells in strategic locations within the buttocks depending on the desired result. Using her skill and experience, she can use this technique to restore more youthful, lifted contours and/or enlarge the size of the buttocks. Adding volume using the patient’s own fat is very safe, and once final results are achieved, they are permanent.   

After fat transfer buttock augmentation, patients should avoid pressure on their buttocks for about 6 weeks. That can require sleeping face down or on the sides, working in a standing position, and using a specialized pillow that takes the pressure off the buttock when sitting for short periods of time such as driving. Pressure will negatively affect the newly transferred fat cells and may affect the ultimate results.

Buttock Implants

These are very different from breast implants, and Dr. Hernandez considers them the “last resort” option. Buttock implants are solid and firm (unlike breast implants), and they are more prone to infection and abnormal scar tissue formation than breast implants. This is why they have never been very popular. Once patients are informed about these risks, many opt for other forms of buttock augmentation. However, if this a patient does want implants, Dr. Hernandez is experienced and can perform this procedure.  

Renuva or Bellafill

Renuva is the second-best options, according to Dr. Hernandez, and Bellafill is #3. These are both fillers, so they are non-surgical alternatives. With Renuva or Bellafill treatments, the product is injected using a technique that spreads out the product within the tissues as much as possible. Immediately following injection, she frequently uses pressure and massage to help disperse the product. So while pressure is to be avoided following fat transfer, it will not negatively affect injectable results.

Dr. Hernandez prefers Renuva over Bellafill because it stimulates fat cells to expand and is more cost effective than Bellafill.  And although extremely rare, some people are allergic to Bellafill because it contains bovine collagen. On the other hand, some patients opt for Bellafill instead of Renuva because Renuva is an allograft, which means that it is made from donated human fat.

Because Renuva and Bellafill work differently — Bellafill stimulates collagen and Renuva stimulates fat cells – some patients choose to use a combination of these two fillers to add volume to their buttocks. Frequently, skin laxity and stretch marks are also an issue, so Renuva and/or Bellafill treatments can be combined with Morpheus8 with/or without Plasma treatments to help firm the skin and improve texture. 

And what if you’re one of the many who suffer from stubborn cellulite? Dr. Hernandez says she can also combine Cellfina cellulite treatments with Renuva and/or Bellafill treatments that add volume, to achieve even more comprehensive buttock enhancement results.

What’s best for your buttocks?

Dr. Hernandez can help you decide. All you have to do is schedule a personal consultation.

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