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When you should get a fat transfer breast augmentation

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June 30, 2022

Choosing breast augmentation is a highly personal decision for women who wish to restore a more youthful, contoured appearance. Dr. Hernandez is proud to have helped restore the confidence of many patients of Eterna Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio.

While making the decision to undergo breast augmentation is a big one, there are still other decisions to be made. To make the best decisions for your body and your goals, it’s most important to choose an experienced doctor you trust to perform your breast augmentation. Dr. Hernandez is proud to offer a personalized approach, taking the time to understand you and your goals, while performing a thorough evaluation to determine the best possible solution to help you reach those goals. 

What is a fat transfer breast augmentation? 

Before you can choose fat transfer breast augmentation, you should understand this cutting-edge procedure. Fat transfer breast augmentation is a breast augmentation procedure, where your own fat cells are used to naturally enhance the size and appearance of your breasts.

When do women choose fat transfer breast augmentation over other options? 

For many years, saline and silicone breast implants were the only options available to patients. Now, many patients are choosing fat transfer breast augmentation for these key reasons:

You’re looking for a modest increase in cup size.

Fat transfer breast augmentation works best for women who are seeking a modest increase in cup size, typically between 1/2 to 1 cup size. 

You desire a more natural appearance. 

All women have fat in their breasts naturally. With fat transfer breast augmentation, your own fat cells are purified and carefully injected into your breasts. Then, Dr. Hernandez shapes them to create pleasing contours. 

Since fat transfer breast augmentation uses your own fat, the results look and feel as natural as possible. While advancements in saline and silicone result in extremely natural results, fat transfer breast augmentation typically delivers the most natural appearance. 

You want to avoid significant scarring.

Traditional breast augmentation does result in significant scarring, although Dr. Hernandez artfully “hides” incisions to minimize their appearance. Patients who want to avoid significant scarring altogether often choose fat transfer breast augmentation to maximize their results. 

During fat transfer breast augmentation, your purified fat is inserted into the breasts through two  small needle punctures. These tiny incisions are strategically placed in the skin folds under the breasts. They nearly disappear once healed. As a result, there are no visible scars.  

You’re done breastfeeding and lactating (and are at a stable weight). 

The period after giving birth can cause your breasts to undergo many changes. Since fat transfer breast augmentation delivers completely natural results, that means your breast size and shape could change significantly. That’s why Dr. Hernandez recommends patients wait until they are done breastfeeding and lactating to undergo fat transfer breast augmentation. 

You’d like to reshape another area of your body.

A special “bonus” of fat transfer breast augmentation is that the fat used to augment your breasts comes from another area of your body. That means if you have been frustrated with stubborn fat around your thighs, buttocks, abdomen, or even other areas, Dr. Hernandez can remove excess fat and use it to augment your breasts. This results in an oftentimes dramatic impact on your overall appearance (and confidence!). 

Could fat transfer breast augmentation help you feel more confident? 

Dr. Hernandez has seen firsthand the power of fat transfer breast augmentation to transform patients’ appearances and restore their confidence. To learn more about this procedure and discuss your specific goals, contact Eterna Cosmetic Surgery to schedule your initial consultation

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